Tesla employee fired for posting video showing Tesla’s self driving tech failing on the road

Tesla is currently one of the most recognised and the largest electric vehicle manufacturer in the world. Last year, Tesla officially registered an office in India to start operations officially. Due to various reasons, official launch of Tesla models is currently being pushed forward. Tesla vehicles are known to be technologically advanced and even has the autonomous driving system. They recently introduced Full-Self Drive (FSD) system for Tesla vehicles. Here we have a video where a Tesla with FSD engaged hit a bollard while testing.

The video has been uploaded by AI Addict on his YouTube channel. The driver in this video is actually a person who was working at Tesla’s Autopilot division and after he posted the video of the crash online. Tesla had fired him from the company. John Bernal, who was driving his own Tesla after his shift said that after the incident, Tesla also deactivated the FSD feature from his car.

In this video, the vlogger is seen driving the Tesla with the Full Self-Drive system turned On. He is actually testing the accuracy of the feature and while the system is driving the car, he is looking for errors and reporting them. The car forgets to read a traffic signal at one turn and he immediately reports it using the screen in front of him. The system is not perfect as it still applies brakes on the car abruptly and also waits for too long before moving from an intersection.

In one such turn, when the vlogger had engaged the FSD feature, the car took a turn and hit bollard on side of the road. The system failed to read or detect an object of the right hand side of the road. The screen was not showing bollard even after it hit the car. There were minor scratches on the bumper and the same is seen in the video as well.

Tesla employee fired for posting video showing Tesla’s self driving tech failing on the road

After the vlogger posted the video on YouTube, Tesla fired. According to reports, he was  verbally told by his managers that he “broke Tesla policy” and his YoTube channel was a “conflict of interest”. His termination letter however did not specify the exact reason for his dismissal. Bernal said in a video, “I was fired from Tesla in February with my YouTube being cited as the reason why. Even though my uploads are from my personal vehicle off company time or property with software I paid for.”

This is not the first time, a Tesla has crashed while using FSD feature. Recently a Tesla Model Y crashed in Los Angeles. The occupants in the car are said to be safe but, the car was reportedly severely damaged. Tesla’s Full Self-Drive feature beta version enables Tesla vehicle to virtually drive themselves on both highways and city roads. This can be done by simply entering the location or destination on the navigation screen on the dashboard. After getting fired from Tesla, John Bernal is continuing with his tests of Tesla vehicle that belong to others with the FSD feature still activated.