Watch Tesla Model 3 cross flooded roads while other cars get stuck

Tesla will officially launch its first car in the Indian market – the Model 3 in the next few months. The officials at Tesla India and the union government are still talking about the import duties and taxes on electric cars. Around the world, the Tesla brand has become quite popular. In China, our neighbour, Tesla has started a Gigafactory and the Tesla models have also gained massive popularity in the country.

In the recent floods through the Chinese cities due to the unprecedented rains, Tesla cars were spotted crossing the flooded streets like a boss. Several videos show the Tesla cars, mostly the Model 3 taking on the flooded roads successfully while other vehicles got stuck due to the high level of water. Here are a few videos of the same.

In one of the several videos, a Tesla Model 3 driver is spotted driving without caring about the extremely high water level. The water level is so high that it is even hitting the windscreen. However, the driver does not care much and keeps on driving.

In another video, a white Tesla Model 3 drives through a flooded section of a road underneath a bridge and doing it quite successfully. The video also shows extremely high wind speeds, which is causing water to splash all over and all around. However, the Tesla Model 3 does not stop and keeps on going ahead.

There is another video that shows several other vehicles stuck in the flooded roads. But the Tesla Model 3 keeps on going and it seems like nothing will be able to stop it.

Musk said Telsa can float

Way back in 2016, when similar videos became viral on the Internet, Elon Musk said that he is impressed by Tesla’s ability to float for a short period of time and the tyres act as thrusters. Well, it was a joke back then but the new videos do show that the Tesla electric cars do wonderfully well on the flooded roads.

Since electric cars do not require air to burn the fuel and propel the vehicle ahead, there is no problem of getting hydro locked on the flooded roads.  That is why other vehicles are stranded while the Tesla Model 3 makes progress on the flooded roads without any trouble.

But should you do it then?

Watch Tesla Model 3 cross flooded roads while other cars get stuck

Driving through flooded roads is not the best idea for many reasons. The number 1 reason is that you can’t see what lies underneath. So if you hit a pothole or a manhole, it can be a disaster. Also, water levels can rise within a few minutes, which can definitely trap any electric car.

Even though the batteries of the Tesla are waterproof and are rated, they are still mounted on the floor of the vehicle. Any leakage in the insulation can be disastrous. Also, the electricals can get fried if they come in contact with the water.

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