Tesla Model 3 spotted in Mumbai while charging

Tesla has started testing its Model 3 on Indian roads now. There have been quite a few camouflaged spy shots and some Model 3’s have been spotted without camouflage too. Here, we have the first spy shots of the Tesla Model 3 charging on an electric vehicle charger.

The variant that we see in the pictures is the Dual Motor version and the picture was clicked in Mumbai. The Model 3 here is using Tata Power’s charger that can provide 25 kW of DC charging. According to the reports, the Model 3 charged to 22 kWh in around 55 minutes at a rate of 24 kW.

The media report also says that the total usable battery capacity of the Dual Motor version is 74 kWh which is good for 580 km according to the WLTP cycle. So if you charge the vehicle at 25 kW, 10 percent to 80 percent should take 2 hours 10 minutes and 10 percent to 50 percent should take 1 hour 15 minutes.

Tesla Model 3 spotted in Mumbai while charging

These pictures are clicked by Tejas Salvi and are shared on Instagram. We can see that the Model 3 is finished in white colour. It is also equipped with Aero wheels. Model 3 is offered as a rear-wheel-drive which costs $41,990 or there are Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive variants. There is a Long Range version and a Performance version. The Long Range version costs $49,990 while the Performance costs $57,990.

Tesla Model 3 spotted in Mumbai while charging

It seems like the one we see in the pictures is the Long Range version because it is equipped with 18-inch Aero wheels that are not offered on the Performance variant. The Long Range has an EPA estimated range of 568 km. It can hit a top speed of 233 kmph. It can hit a ton in just 4.2 seconds.

Ground clearance issue

Tesla Model 3 spotted in Mumbai while charging

According to the latest reports, Tesla is facing issues with Model 3’s ground clearance. It is simply not enough for tackling Indian speed breakers. IDIADA Automotive Technology has reported that the Model 3 scraped its underbelly on 160 out of 200 speed breakers that they faced.

So, the organisation has suggested Tesla to reengineer Model 3’s suspension setup. They have recommended increasing the ride height by 25 mm. As of now, the ground clearance of the Model 3 is 140 mm and if Tesla is able to work on the suggestion, then the ride height will be 165 mm which should be just enough for our Indian roads.

However, it is not that simple. Model 3 uses coil springs that are non-adjustable. The high-end Model S and Model X comes with air suspension so they can increase or decrease the ride height at a push of a button. But both these models cost a lot of money so Tesla will not be bringing them into the Indian market. There is also a Model Y which is a crossover-SUV version of the Model 3 which does come with a ground clearance of 170 mm. So, it makes sense for Tesla to bring the Model Y first to India.