Tesla Model X: Watch the SUV do a ‘Celebratory Dance’ in an Indian garage [Video]

Tesla Model X Celebration Mode Featured

The Tesla Model X has taken the whole automotive world by a surprise. The full-electric cars have a lot of tricks up their sleeves and can even leave behind supercars behind them in drag races. Tesla is highly awaited to make their official entry to the Indian market but there are a few enthusiasts who have already got the Model X model to India and can be spotted on the Indian roads too.

Here is a video that shows the Tesla Model X SUV doing one of the tricks called the Easter Egg celebration mode. The mode can be initiated from the remote of the Tesla car after a combination of codes is entered on the infotainment system. After getting activated, the Tesla Model X plays loud holiday rhyme and automatically flashes the headlamps, tail lamps while moving the falcon doors up and down. There are quite a few videos of the Tesla Model X doing the same celebrity dance from the international markets but this is the first time that a Tesla has been recorded doing it in India.

The celebrity mode is activated once the user enters – ‘modelXmas’ on the screen after long pressing the Tesla logo on the screen. After the sequence is activated, the user has to lock the car with the remote while standing outside the vehicle and voila! It starts. It is not the only secret Easter Egg in the Tesla Model X. In total, there are 6 Easter Egg celebrations that can be activated in the car.

Tesla Model X: Watch the SUV do a ‘Celebratory Dance’ in an Indian garage [Video]

Tesla shows the map on the fully digital driver information. There is a Psychedelic cowbell road easter egg that can be activated and the road becomes rainbow road on the screen similar to the Mario Kart game. It also plays a music with cowbell slamming sounds. The huge 17-inch screen on the Tesla Model X can be turned into a sketch pad with the full-colour palette. Tapping the Tesla logo three times activates this mode. There is a secret code that can change the display of Model X to the submarine of James Bond! Also, the Tesla users can turn the GPS map to the Mar’s surface and the vehicle shows as a small robot. The charging slot’s colour can also be turned into dancing light after a series of button presses!