India-bound Tesla Model Y nails the moose test

Earlier this year, Tesla announced their official entry into the Indian market. As of now, there is no details available regarding when the cars will be launched but, some information regarding the models that will be offered are available. Tesla will be offering their entry level sedan Model 3 and crossover Model Y. Both these models have been spotted testing in India. Here we have a video where Tesla Model Y which is coming to Indian market is seen in a moose test. Tesla Model Y clears the moose test without any problem.

The video has been uploaded by on their YouTube channel. Moose test is actually a very efficient way of figuring out how a car handles. In this test, the car suddenly changes lane at a se set speed to see how it behaves. It is actually a demonstration of how your car will have under emergency situations. It is similar to what a driver would do on a highway if an obstacle comes in front of the car all of a sudden.

The Model Y performed pretty well in the test. The test were done on a closed track and cones were placed on the road which acted like obstacles. The driver has to maneuver the car from one lane to other avoiding the cones. In the first round, the driver is in the car for the first time and he has no idea on how it is going to behave.

India-bound Tesla Model Y nails the moose test

The speed for first round was 73 kmph and it cleared the section without any problem. For the next round the speed was increased to 77 kmph. Tesla cleared the section without a drama once again. The car did not loose traction at this speed. As the car was performing well at this speed, in the next rounds, the speed was increased to 82 and 83 kmph. At this speed, the tail of the Model Y started to come out slightly as it was making highspeed lane changes but, it managed to clear the section without hitting even one cone.

It was only a 84 kmph that the Tesla Model Y started hitting cones. Tesla Model Y performed well especially for a crossover which has more ground clearance and taller than a regular sedan. The car handled pretty well even at higher speeds. The car looked composed and the driver was also not working too hard to avoid the cones. For a crossover, Model Y has controlled the body roll pretty well.

Tesla has officially registered their office in Karnataka and are currently planning to set up dealerships in major metro cities. They are also in talks with the government to decrease import duties on electric vehicles to make them more accessible to public and promote EV culture in India. The Model 3 and Model Y are the entry level models from Tesla and are expected to be offered in two variants in India. The government has also asked Tesla to setup manufacturing facility in India to get subsidies but, Tesla has not agreed to that yet. However several state government’s have come forward offering land to setup manufacturing facility for Tesla.

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