Tesla owner gets locked out of car after battery dies: Problem will cost Rs. 15 lakh to fix

Tesla, which is currently one of the leading electric car maker in the world has currently put its plan for India on hold. Meanwhile, we have been getting reports about Tesla cars and issues faced by the owners in the form of videos on various social media profiles. One of the recent incident is from Canada where a Tesla Model S owner claims that he got locked out of his Tesla Model S car after battery on the car died due to design flaw of the car. The owner Mario Zelaya shared a video on TikTok raising his issue. A new battery that will solve this issue costs CAD 26,000, or about Rs. 15.53 lakh. 

Tesla owner gets locked out of car after battery dies: Problem will cost Rs. 15 lakh to fix

In the video, Zelaya said that he owns a 2013 model Model S and he had bought the car for $140,000 CAD. He got the car serviced regularly and he now claims that the 2013-2014 model of Tesla Model S cars came with a design issue which has now lead to the problem. He mentions that the HVAC (Heating, Ventiltion, Air Condition) condensor drips water on to the battery pack and over the years, the water has completely rusted the external cover of the battery pack and moisture has now entered the battery and destroyed it.

Tesla has now refused to fix the issue of the vehicle because the problem was discovered only after the warranty of the vehicle has expired. Mario also mentions that he is locked out of the car and cannot get in to even get the ownership documents of his Tesla, which he now intends to sell rather than fixing. He is not ready to fix the battery pack in the car because he still believes that the battery pack damaged because of the way, it was designed. The problem of water dripping on to the battery pack would have started when it was under warranty.

Mario Zelaya has now contacted Transport Canada and they are now investigating the matter. The owner even claims that Tesla has shut down his car over the air after his video of refusing to pay for new battery has gone viral.  Mario is not the only person who has faced this issue. He got in touch with another owner who also encountered the same problem. It is not clear whether Tesla is planning to take any action for the 2013-2014 Tesla Model S car. As of now, there are no investigation underway for this issue in the US. Transport Canada offers a service where consumers are invited to contact the regulator through website, where they can fill out a defect complaint form.

People have utilised this service in the past and this has led to a defect notice on Kia Soul. Consumers of Kia Sould were facing an issue were the heated seats were actually burning the occupants in the car. There have been many incidents in the past where the auto pilot feature in the car stopped responding.  Tesla has even fired one of their employees in the past who posted a video of a Full Self-Driving Beta (FSD) fail online. John Bernal was a member of data-annotation team of Tesla’s autopilot system.

Via: Carscoops