Watch Tesla electric car predict crash and apply brakes automatically

Tesla is known for its safety technology and autopilot system. The Tesla Model 3 is one of the safest vehicles that you can buy. There are several videos floating on the internet in which Tesla’s safety tech has automatically applied brakes or have made a turn to avoid an accident. What is common in all these videos is that Tesla predicted an accident before it even happened. Here, is another video that has gone viral.

The video is of 2016 but has resurfaced on the internet and has gone viral on Twitter. The video is shared by Hans Noordsij and it has 3 Million views. The video is from the dashcam that is inbuilt in the Tesla. In the video, we can hear a beeping sound and after that, the accident happens. So, Tesla was able to predict the accident and applied the brakes in advance.

How did this happen?

Well, some Tesla’s are equipped with radars and a camera. The radar throws off ultrasonic waves and these waves come back after hitting objects that are in front of the vehicle. Through this and the front camera, the software is able to create an image of what is in front of it.

This hardware allows for a safety feature called Automatic emergency braking. The vehicle detects that there is a possibility of a collision and applies brakes automatically. The system can detect that the vehicle in front of the car came too close and a collision can occur. Because some Tesla vehicles are equipped with powerful radars they can detect the collision of the front two vehicles also.

Tesla removes radar

Tesla has removed radar sensors from their Model 3 and Model Y which raises the question are the new models as safe as the previous ones. The new models will only be using the cameras for safety features. The Model 3 and Model Y has eight cameras mounted around the car. The system will now be using these cameras only as there is no radar on offer. Tesla is also not offering Lidar with their vehicles.

Watch Tesla electric car predict crash and apply brakes automatically

Lidar provides a high-resolution image of what’s ahead but they are not so reliable under different weather conditions. Radars are relatively inexpensive but they can get confused in shapes and objects. They have a lower resolution but they do work in different weather conditions. Cameras on the other hand are prone to weather as dirt or snow can block the camera. Also, they have a limited vision. They can only see the vehicle that is directly in front of your vehicle whereas the Lidar and radar can see further ahead.

Elon Musk said that the camera-based system is likely to be much safer because of less noise and confusing signals. Some Tesla owners have reported “phantom braking” when their vehicles just stopped under an overpass. This can be one of the reasons why Tesla removed radar. Also, the camera is cheaper to install and Elon says that the vision system from the cameras has improved so much that it no longer needs a radar.

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