Fully Self Driving Tesla handles a winding road

Tesla sells one of the most advanced cars in the world, especially when it comes to autonomous driving. There are numerous enthusiasts around the world who just love the Tesla vehicles and its advanced features that no other vehicle offers in the market. One of these features is the autonomous driving that uses an array of cameras and radars to see around and maneuver itself. Tesla Raj, a vlogger who majorly posts on the Tesla cars has come out with a new video that shows that car has improved massively when it comes to the self-driving ability. Here are the details.

The video put by him shows his Tesla Model 3 trying to retrace one of the most crooked roads in San Fransico – Lombard Street. He was gauging the capability of the Tesla Model 3’s autonomous ability after an update was released in October.

Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla himself tweeted about the update and said that the new firmware is called FSD Beta. FSD stands for Full Self Driving. The update was rolled out to only a few customers for testing purposes and it seems that Tesla Raj’s vehicle also received the update.

Fully Self Driving Tesla handles a winding road

After the over-the-air was done, he put the vehicle in FSD mode and left it on the Lombard street that has quite a few turns. The video of the screen mounted in the centre of the dashboard shows the way ahead, which indicates that the vehicle is automatically able to chart its route and turn without hitting the embankment of the street. The Tesla Model 3 takes all the turns and identifies the roads excellently. However, at one hairpin bend, Tesla did identify the driveway as a road. It was due to the design of the road at that point and when he accelerated the vehicle, the Tesla Model 3 went to the driveway instead of the road.

To overcome the problem, they put a traffic cone on the entrance of the driveway and did the same route again. This time, the Tesla Model 3 recognised the cone and stayed on the main road instead of turning to the driveway. It should be noted that Tesla cars can identify road signs, speed limits and even the traffic signals automatically. In the third run, they even removed the cone and the Tesla recognised that it is a driveway and did not go there. So over time, the vehicle also learns from the surroundings. He also mentions that there is zero intervention from the driver while the car takes on Lombard Street.

Tesla autonomous driving

The Tesla autonomous driving system can do a lot more than just manoeuvring the vehicle around the streets. It is also used as a safety aid and in situations where a pedestrian is crossing the road or car applies the brakes suddenly in front, it identifies and takes measures to avoid the collision or minimise the damage by taking actions. In another viral video, a Tesla car driver can be seen driving on a secluded street when a deer crosses the road. The screen of the Tesla shows that it identified the deer as a pedestrian and took action to avoid the collision. The speed of the vehicle came down marginally and it also took a little turn to get out of the way.