Tesla cars get self-diagnosis feature: Can pre-order parts automatically

US EV maker Tesla manufacturers some of the most technologically advanced cars on the planet. The brand model lineup range includes the likes of the Model S, Model X, Model Y and the Model 3. These cars have level 3 autonomy which means that they can drive themselves under most of the conditions with a little human assist. The latest feature introduced on Tesla cars is automatic self-diagnosis, which means that Tesla cars can now identify any problem in their system themselves. Not only this, but the cars can also order any necessary spare parts if required.

That’s some next level tech which we can expect from only the likes of Tesla. While this concept is not exactly new, Tesla has introduced the most advanced and practical model of the self-diagnosis feature to date. The feature came into light when Tesla car owners took to social media sites like Twitter and Reddit to share the seemingly amazing feature. The tweet below shows a notification on Tesla’s infotainment screen of a problem with the car’s power conversion system. The car has not only self-diagnosed this problem but has also ordered replacement parts for installation at a Tesla service centre.

Several other social media users also confirmed the news. Tesla itself posted a tweet confirming the self-diagnosis feature.

This comes as a relief to Tesla owners who have been facing aftersales service issues due to lack of authorized service centres. Many owners have to wait for around six weeks in order to have simple body repairs done. The self-diagnosis feature does not solve the issue completely but is a major step towards improving the aftersales service of its cars. Car owners can also cancel any automatically pre-ordered part as per their want. Owners could already schedule service and view vehicle information through the Tesla app, and the company could even remotely access maintenance information to diagnose problems and make software changes if needed.

This feature will be of even major importance in lesser developed countries where EVs are not yet common and hence their servicing and breakdowns can only be handled by authorized service centres. Local garages and mechanics are still way behind in understanding EV tech which makes it quite unsafe for them to lay their hands on such cars.

Tesla cars get self-diagnosis feature: Can pre-order parts automatically

For those of you wondering when would Tesla officially arrive in India, Elon Musk tweeted earlier this March that it could happen this year and if not, then next year for sure. There are a few Tesla cars in India already imported here by those who wanted something different from regular cars. The Tesla Model X, which is an EV SUV, is apparently the most popular Tesla car in India with quite a few of them plying on the roads.