Tesla-style touchscreen now comes to the Mahindra Thar [Video]

While the Tesla brand has gained a lot of appreciation in the market due to its highly sophisticated cars, Mahindra Thar’s off-roading capability and a rugged body have made it popular. What if there is a way to give the best off-roading experience with a high-tech screen on the dashboard and a price tag much lower than that of Tesla cars? Here’s a video of a Tesla-inspired rotating infotainment screen installed in a Mahindra Thar.

The Tesla brand has created a disruption in the world of electric cars. The cutting-edge technology used in the Tesla cars has positioned them as futuristic vehicles. Apart from high-end techs like radar-based autonomous driving, Tesla cars also offer an extremely sophisticated touch-sensitive panel on the dashboard that allows the driver to control almost all the functions of the vehicle. Tesla, however, is yet to offer a rugged off-roader and all their vehicles carry an exorbitant price, especially in India due to the high import taxes.

While there is no way around the taxes, one can choose the Mahindra Thar for fulfilling off-roading needs. This rugged and one of the most loved vehicles by off-road purists offers basic interiors, but a lot of capability to do all-you-can-think challenges. The modest interiors of the Thar, however, keep many away from the SUV. That can be changed now as one can make the interiors as exciting as that of Tesla cars.

The screen installed on the Mahindra Thar is an aftermarket accessory and measures 10.4 inches. It can be rotated 360 degrees to be set up in a landscape or portrait mode. It is powered by Android, which means it will be able to run similar applications to any Android-powered phone. From the video, it can be seen that in landscape mode, the screen fits snugly on the Thar’s dashboard and the bottom edge is above the air vents of the vehicle.

Tesla-style touchscreen now comes to the Mahindra Thar [Video]

It should be noted that the Mahindra Thar does not offer touch-screen infotainment with the stock version. The price of the screen is not mentioned. However, such screens can be availed at a starting price of around Rs. 40,000.

If the vehicle is taken regularly for extreme off-roading, such sensitive accessories should be removed from the vehicle as they can fall and get damaged. It is one of the reasons why most off-road focused vehicles have a simple interior layout with only basic functions.

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