Tesla-style touchscreen on Toyota Fortuner [Video]

Toyota Fortuner and Tesla in the same line feel mismatched. One is a typical big, butch, diesel-guzzling SUV while the latter is at the pinnacle of future electric mobility. But today, we bring you a video which definitely bridges the gap between the two, albeit slightly. Let’s have a look at the video.

Tesla is known for making futuristic electric vehicles like the Model S. The touchscreen infotainment system seen in the video is apparently inspired by the Tesla cars. They have a similar system but with more features built in. As seen in the video, the unit looks quite stylish and boasts of fully functional controls. This particular unit is custom-made for the Fortuner though there might be options for other cars too.

The touchscreen infotainment system is available in four different trims depending upon price and features. The one in the video is the basic one. But it does the job perfectly. It takes around half an hour for the vehicle to get equipped with this futuristic-looking console and after that you’re ready to rock. The Tesla-styled console sits flush with the rest of the dash and doesn’t look like oddballs, as is the case with some of the aftermarket fitments.

Tesla-style touchscreen on Toyota Fortuner [Video]

It comes with fully functional Apple Car Play and Android Auto features. It also houses AC and temperature controls in the lower part of the display. A nifty feature is that you can control fan speed individually for each vent. Compared to the old climate control unit, this one takes things to a whole new level.

The Tesla-styled touchscreen looks quite good and is responsive to touches. The onscreen keyboard also is big enough to use easily while on the move. Regular Android Auto features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Google navigation are present, among others. Being a basic version, this model does not support in display vehicle information system. In the higher models of this infotainment system, you can view everything from RPMs to oil level etc. on the screen.

Though clear pricing is not mentioned in the video, it starts around the Rs 40,000 range. Depending on the model you choose, the pricing will go up accordingly. This Tesla-styled touchscreen infotainment system is perfect for those who are a bit tech savvy or those who just want more from their cars and are ready to shell out some extra bucks for the purpose.