Tesla Superchargers spotted in India before the arrival of Model 3 next year

The revolutionary and futuristic all-electric cars from Tesla might be some time away for the Indian market. However, the American automaker has already started doing its groundwork on Indian soil. We have already seen a lot of spy pictures and videos of the Tesla Model 3 doing test runs on the Indian roads. And now, a recently clicked photograph tells that Tesla has begun setting up charging infrastructure for its vehicles in India.

Tesla Superchargers spotted in India before the arrival of Model 3 next year

In a recent picture uploaded by a Twitter account of ‘Tesla Club India’, we can see a couple of superchargers from Tesla here in India. These supercharger units are believed to be V2 150 kW stations, which get two plugs for charging, Type 2 and CCS2. While in use, only one of these two charging plugs can be operated. These high power superchargers from Tesla can charge a Tesla vehicle from 5 to 80 per cent in just 30 minutes.

Tesla is studying the feasibility of setting these superchargers and its dealerships in New Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. These three Indian cities already have an evolved charging infrastructure compared to other bigger cities in the country.

Not the latest Superchargers

Tesla Superchargers spotted in India before the arrival of Model 3 next year

However, these superchargers, which have been spotted in India, are the previous generation technology from Tesla. In other developed markets like North America and Europe, where Tesla is already having a strong presence, the company is working on the transition to better V3 superchargers with 250 kW charging speeds. Though, the V2 150 kW charging stations of Tesla are faster than most fast chargers available in the country already.

It is no secret that Tesla is keenly interested in making its entry into the Indian automotive market. The automaker has already set up a corporate office in Bangalore and has brought in test mules of Model 3 and the Model Y in India. Initially, the offerings from Tesla will be brought to India through the CBU route, translating into much higher prices than what Tesla might want to sell in India. Musk-led Tesla has already tried to get an exemption on the import duties of the electric cars. However, the government did not budge on the matter.

Tesla is also said to be in negotiations with the Indian government to bring down the import duties on electric vehicles, which might allow it to price its vehicles reasonably. While Tesla might begin its Indian innings with the Model 3 and Model Y, the game-changing model is expected to be the speculated Model 2, an all-electric hatchback that is supposed to be priced below $25,000.