Thak-Thak gang in Bangalore: Busted by cops while robbing Kia Carens driver of Rs. 15,000 [Video]

Road scams are very common in India and we have seen various gangs working in different parts of the country. Here is a different kind of gang working in Bengaluru, Karnataka. The video shows posted by a Bangalore Police DCP shows how exactly the duo were trying to rob a driver of Kia Carens of Rs 15,000.

The incident happened in Siddapura last month. The CCTV recordings shared by DCP South  P Krisnakant on Twitter shows two bike-borne men trying to rob the driver of Kia Carens by faking an accident.

The bike borne bikers extorted Rs 15,000 from a driver of a Kia Carens by faking an accident. The CCTV recordings show that the bike borne men intentionally turning right into the traffic causing the Kia Carens driver to hit the bike. The men on motorcycle then stop ahead and started waving vigorously and even shouted at the car.

The driver of the car then stopped at a roadside. That’s when the driver and the bike-borne men reach a settlement of Rs 15,000. The men demanded Rs 15,000 from the car driver and pinned the blame on him.

The police recovered the whole amount from the robbers and also seized the motorcycle that they used for the crime. There are others who scam the drivers by walking through the slow moving traffic and then acting like the car has run over their foot. Even such incidents see huge extortion of money by threatning with police complaints.

Other ways of Thak-Thak gang

This is not the first time that such an incident got recorded on the CCTV. Earlier this year a chilling incident in Delhi was captured on CCTV. The robbers used guns to corner a businessman and rob Rs 2 crore. The video showed a well-lit street and a sedan stopped behind a scooter. We are not sure why the sedan driver stopped behind the scooter. The guy on the scooter faked an accident to stop the car.

There are not isolated incidents where a gang of robbers tried to loot a car. There are many such infamous gangs like thak-thak gang, axle gang and more who do such robberies quite often. The operation procedure of the thak-thak gang is also well-documented in the CCTV cameras and even the cops have made numerous arrests.

The gang lures the driver to come out of the vehicle by throwing money or saying that oil is leaking from the radiator. When the alone driver comes out of the vehicle, they take out bags that contain valuables like a laptop or cash. They also have different approaches like becoming a pedestrian and alleging that the car has hit them.