‘Thak Thak’ Gang leader arrested; Infamous for scamming cars and stealing

The ‘Thak Thak’ made headlines after a series of broad daylight scams in the areas of Delhi-NCR and other major cities of the country. Police have captured the 48-year co-founder of the gang who goes by the name ‘Guruji’. The accused was caught with stolen cash of Rs. 8 lakh, which belonged a businessman. The accused was nabbed on his journey back from Kolkata after a series heists.

According to the cops, Kanhaiyan is the real name ‘Guruji’ and he belongs from Madurai. The operations took place from Inderpuri, Delhi. Kanhaiyan sent his gang members to various potential states for frauds and scams and would fly there once a large amount of fraud money was collected by them.

The gang has been caught several times on the CCTV cameras and used various techniques to distract the drivers of the vehicle and steal things from the vehicle. The gang also had females that made it easier for them to blend in.

The ‘thak thak’ gang distracted the drivers by scattering money on the road or claiming they had a flat tyre. The gang members also used to spill black oil under the vehicle and used to signal to the driver about the faulty engine. Creative methods like intentionally hitting a car with a motorcycle were also used to distract the drivers. Once the driver was distracted, other gang members would make a move in and steal phones, cash and other valuables from the vehicle. The gang members even used to steal from parked vehicles by breaking the window.

DCP Bhisham Singh says that many teams were alerted after a tip-off was received that he would be coming to the New Delhi Railway Station. The accused was nabbed as soon as he deboarded the Howrah-Rajdhani train. A pistol was also seized from him. He is currently being interrogated about the heists and location of his gang members.

The accused confessed that he taught his techniques to other people which then led to the formation of the gang. If any gang member was arrested, he would not name Kanhaiyan and in return, he would provide legal aid to the gang member.