This is the craziest modified Toyota Fortuner that you will see in India

Toyota Fortuner is the most selling full-size SUV in the Indian market. It is also the most popular choice among Indian buyers. This is because Toyota is known for its reliability and low cost of maintenance. Many people also modify their Fortuners. Here, we have a Fortuner that has been modified by Executive Modcar Trendz (EMT) and it is one of the wildest modification that you will ever see on a Fortuner.

Fortuner Emt 7

At first glance, you cannot even tell which generation of Fortuner it is. Executive Modcar Trendz has taken a previous generation of Fortuner and modified it completely. We think that the previous generation of the Fortuner had more look butch looks when compared to the current Fortuner which has more sleek headlamps and sleek tail lamps while those SUV looks have diminished slightly.

First, we look at front of the Fortuner. We can see an entirely new front bumper, headlamps and grille. It has a lot more creases now and looks much more aggressive. There are two projector headlamps that use LEDs instead of halogens.

Fortuner Emt 1

There is also a LED Daytime Running Lamps that sit above the headlamp and curves downwards towards the grille. There is no Toyota badging upfront and the grille is finished in black and it also gets red accents.

Fortuner Emt 5

Then we come on to the hood which is also new with lots of creases and a huge scoop that is finished in black. There is also a rearview mirror mounted on the bonnet that should offer a wider view of what is coming from behind. The side profile gets some massive black plastic cladding to widen the SUV and increase the SUV quotient.

Fortuner Emt 2

The black plastic cladding is also on the doors and there are also some roof rails. The outside rearview mirrors get chrome caps and also have turn indicators on them. There are some multi-spoke alloy wheels that are larger which runs on wider profile tyres. The rear quarter window gets a plastic piece that makes it looks like the new generation of Fortuner.

Fortuner Emt 3

At the rear, the modifications are not so radical as the front. It gets blacked-out tail lamps that also look after-market. There is a black strip that joins both the tail lamps. It seems like originally it was finished in chrome. There is a Toyota badge that sits between the tailgate.

Fortuner Emt 8

There is also an after-market rear bumper which is more sporty than the stock bumper. The bumper also has a black part in the lower half which also gets dual exhaust tips and red accents. The SUV has also gone through chrome delete so there are no chrome elements on the SUV except the outside rearview mirrors and Toyota badge on the tailgate.

Fortuner Emt 6

The interiors of the SUV has also been redone. It is now more premium and gives a more up-market feel to the occupants. It now comes with diamond-cut leather seats which have also been replicated on the door pads and armrest. The centre console and the lower half of the dashboard are also finished in brown. The total cost of the modifications is Rs. 4.5 lakhs excluding GST which is quite a lot.