Nissan has just revealed the production version of the Redi-GO, India’s first micro crossover. The car will be cheaper than the Renault Kwid, and the lowest priced vehicle from Datsun/Nissan. The Redi-GO is a world car that’ll be sold in many emerging markets, but India will be the production hub. This is the primary reason why Nissan has chosen India to unveil the production version of this car.

Datsun Redigo 1

The Redi-GO will be marketed as a micro crossover, a vehicle that’s meant to offer high ground clearance and good street presence in a car with a compact, sub-4 meter footprint. Butch styling with chunky wheel arches, a 185 mm ground clearance, a tall boy design, daytime running LEDs and short overhangs are some attributes that the Redi-GO comes with.

Datsun Redigo 2

The actual launch will happen in a few weeks from now, and the cars will be on the road in the first week of June. Pre-orders will begin from the 1st of May, 2016. Prices and variant details will be revealed on the day of launch. The Redi-GO shares the CMF-A platform with the Renault Kwid. Also, the new Datsun will roll out of the same Renault-Nissan production facility as the Kwid.

Datsun Redigo 7

Most parts will be shared and this includes the 0.8 liter triple cylinder petrol engine and the 5 speed manual gearbox. In due course of time, a 1 liter-3 cylinder petrol engine and an AMT option are likely to be added to the Redi-GO as well. However, the Redi-GO will get these updates a while after the Renault Kwid gets them.

Datsun Redigo 6

In terms of pricing, the Redi-GO is expected to sit under the Kwid. Prices are likely to start from well under 2.5 lakh rupees. At this price level, the Datsun hatchback will gun straight for the Maruti Alto 800 and the Tata Nano. Don’t expect the base variant of the Redi-GO to offer any creature comfort though.

A bare basic car just to get the pricing card right is what we’re looking at from the base variant. The higher variants will offer more equipment. However, the Redi-GO is still expected to feature a lower trim than the Renault Kwid, which will continue to be the more premium vehicle among the two offerings.

Nissan is aiming at a 5 % market share in India, by 2020, and the Redi-GO will be one vehicle that’ll be instrumental for the sales growth. Renault has already tasted similar success with the Kwid, and Nissan will be hoping to emulate its alliance partner.