The DC Design Senator is a super luxurious Toyota Innova Crysta [Video]

In the past, we have seen several customizations and modification projects helmed by renowned automobile designer Dilip Chhabria under his company DC, now known as DC2. Among all of them, the most attention-grabbing ones, in a pleasant way, is the interior lounge conversion kits for SUVs and MUVs. DC2 has dropped a teaser of its next project, the DC2 Senator, on its YouTube channel, which is a fully-customized version of a Toyota Innova Crysta with lounge-like interiors.

The DC2 Senator is just like a usual Toyota Innova Crysta from the outside. However, step inside the cabin, and you will be greeted by the extensively customized cabin, which is partitioned into two parts – the front cabin with stock seats and the rear cabin with two lounge-like seats. Starting with the front cabin, the DC2 Senator gets a plush dual-tone black and beige leather upholstery, with a new beige finish for the lower part of the dashboard and door panels. The seats here are wrapped with custom brown leather seats, with the same brown leather retained for the dashboard and door pad inlays.

Luxurious cabin

The DC Design Senator is a super luxurious Toyota Innova Crysta [Video]

Behind the front seats, the DC2 Senator gets a fully-covered partition, which separates the front cabin and the rear cabin. At the rear, the MPV gets extensive modifications, with the second and third rows of seats swapped with two lounge-like seats. These seats have electronic adjustments for sliding and reclining, and also get electronically foldable foot rests on which you can place your legs and feet. Both these seats get their armrests on both sides, with a chrome finish on their outer edges.

As you open the rear doors of the DC2 Senator, the electrically-retractable side step pops up, which helps you in ingress and egress. The cabin here looks luxurious with plenty of faux wood inlays and chrome accents on door panels and partitions. The floor here also has hidden compartments for storing your beverages, glasses and shoes.

The cabin of the DC Senator is also equipped with a host of luxurious features, including auto-retractable sun blinds, foldable tables, ambient lighting and a roof-liner with a Rolls Royce-like starry effect. The large LCD TV placed in the centre of the partition can slide upwards, giving open access to the front cabin. The lower part of the partition also comes integrated with a refrigerator, which has a piano black finish and can slide to and fro on a slider placed in between the floor.

While the overall cost of customization of DC Senator is not revealed in the video, the whole outcome looks worth considering for those who want to be chauffeured most of the time.