The Devel Sixteen: This car has more horsepower than your entire apartment complex!

The mighty Bugatti Veyron is known for offering a stratospheric power output and the kind of performance that can put to shame almost any other car in the world. However, the Devel Sixteen is one hypercar that can easily give the Bugatti Chiron many sleepless nights.

The Devel Sixteen made its world debut in November 2013 with a promise of a maximum power of a whopping 5000 HP. Of course, with a tall claim like that, it seemed like the Sixteen would never make it to production. However, not the one to be demotivated by naysayers, Devel unveiled the production-spec Sixteen in November last year. We finally have a video that shows the Sixteen speeding away from the camera at a pretty fast pace. Moreover, the video description says the car shown in the video ran on a low boost mode at just 20 percent throttle. Hence, there’s definitely a lot more that the Sixteen has on offer. Of course, this seven-second video doesn’t give us enough to go by, but we are happy to see a road-ready Devel Sixteen that looks all set to shake the world of hypercars with its mind-numbing performance.

The Devel Sixteen will be available in as many as three variants. The first of these will come with a 2000 HP twin-turbocharged V8. It will have a starting price of USD 1.6 million. The next one will have a 3000 HP engine. The most powerful and of course, the most expensive, variant will a 12.3-liter quad-turbo V16 engine will as much as 5000 HP on offer. The most powerful version will not be road-legal and hence, will be good only for track-usage. Hence, all those who want a road-legal hypercar will have to settle for the 3,000 HP version, which is still around twice as powerful as a Bugatti Chiron.

Courtesy – Devel Sixteen on Youtube and Carscoops