The Essential Guide to the 6 Most-often Replaced Car Parts

Automobiles have come a long way decades after the first car rolled on the streets. As simple as it may sound, a car is an extremely complex machine that has thousands of moving parts. Every morning when you turn the key of the car and take it on the road, there is a lot of work that is done by the engine and other parts of the vehicle that make the vehicle move ahead. As the parts move, they wear and tear due to the friction and eventually, they need to be replaced to keep the car in the top condition. Well, if you own a vehicle and use it regularly, you should know the common signs of a critical part with high wear and tear. Which are these parts and what are the signs that you might get indicating the need for change?

Oil Filter

The Essential Guide to the 6 Most-often Replaced Car Parts

An oil filter makes sure that the engine does not get any impurities from the oil. Since engine oil and other hydraulic/lubricating oils can contain a lot of small solid and metal particles that can damage the engine or put extra stress on it, an oil filter should always be used to makes sure that impurities do not reach the most critical part of the vehicle.

A non-genuine oil filter may look the same, but the quality of the paper filter used in it may not be as good, which can cause it to tear. Also, the non-genuine oil filter can clog up quickly, which will obstruct the flow of the oil. Other than these problems, a local non-genuine oil filter’s gasket may give away due to the extreme heat in the engine compartment.

Using a non-genuine product will increase the engine wear and tear, substantially reducing the life of the engine. Since most the impurities will reach the engine, it will cause sludge formation, which negatively affects the performance of the engine and reduces the fuel efficiency of the car.

Using the original oil filter reduces the build-up of the sludge in the engine. It makes sure that the engine never overheats. It also increases the life of the engine. Manufacturers can void the warranty if non-genuine parts are used in a car that is still under warranty coverage.

Using original parts from Hyundai Mobis, the exclusive partner of Hyundai India and worldwide will make sure that hydraulic/lubricating oils reach the critical parts of the engine without any impurities. Know More About Hyundai Mobis Oil Filter..

Air Filter

The Essential Guide to the 6 Most-often Replaced Car Parts

Almost all the cities in India have high levels of dust in the atmosphere. This drastically reduces the life of the vehicle. However, air filters ensure that the air reaching the engine is clean and is free of any impurities that can damage the engine.

Low-quality and non-genuine air filters from local stores can cause the engine to malfunction. Since the low-quality air filters allow larger dust particles to pass through, the wear and tear increases and it reduces the life of the engine. Also, the performance and efficiency of the car drops drastically.

Hyundai Mobis genuine air filter increases the fuel efficiency and the performance of the vehicle by trapping all the dirt. It also increases the overall life of the engine. Know More About Hyundai Mobis Air Filter..

Fuel Filter

The Essential Guide to the 6 Most-often Replaced Car Parts

Just like the oil filter, a fuel filter keeps out the dirt and other particles that can damage the engine permanently. It consists of a high-quality paper that filters out all the impurities in the fuel that reaches the engine. This should be replaced regularly to ensure smooth flow of the fuel to the engine.

Using non-genuine fuel filter can cause fuel leakage and damage the engine too. Low-quality fuel filters can get clogged up quickly, which can restrict the vehicle from starting at all. Also, fuel with impurities can cause the car to idle roughly. Your vehicle may also not pass the PUC check since contaminants in fuel increase the pollutants.

Original fuel filter from Hyundai Mobis ensures that the fuel efficiency increases substantially. Also, engine stalling can be avoided altogether. The official and exclusive partner of Hyundai India, buying a part from Mobis will make sure that you get the original part for your vehicles. Know More About Hyundai Mobis Fuel Filter..

Clutch Disc

The Essential Guide to the 6 Most-often Replaced Car Parts

Indian market remains one of the significant markets for manual cars, and the clutch assembly is one of the essential parts in a manual vehicle. The clutch disc is an integral part that is placed between the engine and the transmission. It smoothly transfers the power generated by the engine to the transmission of the vehicle.

Using a defective or worn out clutch disc reduces the life of the engine and transmission. It should be replaced as per the service manual of your car.

A non-genuine part can be low quality, which can cause slippage of the clutch and reduce fuel efficiency. Also, the car may shudder as it starts due to the use of non-OEM clutch disc.

Since every clutch disc is designed differently, it is crucial to get the right fit of your car. This is the reason why you should always buy genuine products and buying them from Mobis ensures that it is a genuine product.

For your Hyundai car, always buy Hyundai genuine parts by Hyundai Mobis, an exclusive partner of Hyundai India and worldwide, ensuring the product is of high quality and genuine.

Brake pad

The Essential Guide to the 6 Most-often Replaced Car Parts

Brakes of a car are one of the most ignored and most essential parts of the vehicle. The brake pads apply pressure on the brakes of the car, which causes the brakes to heat up quickly and slow down the car. If the heat of the brake pads is not swiftly dissipated, it loses its efficiency, which can increase the braking distance.

Now, not replacing the brake pads on time may cause damage to the disc or drum, which can increase the cost of repair by multiple times. It also reduces braking efficiency and increases brake noise.

Using non-genuine brake pads can cause the braking distance to increase by a lot, and it can also cause the brakes to heat up excessively and damage the other components. Genuine brake pads from Hyundai Mobis makes sure that the life of disc and drum. It also increases braking performance and makes the braking distancer shorter.

Using original brake pads from Mobis ensures that the vehicle has minimal brake noise and increases the life of the disc and the drum apart from improving the braking performance. Know More About Hyundai Mobis Brake Pads..

Timing belt

The Essential Guide to the 6 Most-often Replaced Car Parts

The timing belt is one of the most critical parts in the car, and it also goes by the names like timing chain and cambelt. It synchronises the rotation of the crankshaft and the camshaft so that the fresh air can come into the engine and the burnt fuel (exhaust gases) can be dispersed from the engine.

Every car comes with a scheduled replacement of the timing belt and ignoring it may cause the belt to become loose or even break. It can cause damage to the engine, and the car can get stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Since it is an integral part of the combustion process, using a non-genuine part may cause the engine to mistime. Also, affordable appearing non-genuine part can stretch and break, which will make the car stop instantly.

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