While we have featured many modified examples of the Mahindra Thar on Cartoq, the custom Mahindra Thar we have here today carries some of the most extreme modifications we’ve seen on this lifestyle SUV. This custom Thar comes from Pune-based Grizzly Motor Works and the major highlight here is the 6×6 configuration. Other than this, it also sports many other modifications that work together to make this SUV look totally menacing.

This modified Thar looks very bold and has a huge street presence. The canvas top of the stock Thar has been replaced with a hard top for a half cabin look. At the rear, it gets a covered loading bay. The front-end is characterized by a set of custom LED headlamps. Also, there’s an LED bar mounted on the front bull bar. Other highlights include a custom bumper that sports an antenna and an electric winch. The custom fenders sport a pair of auxiliary lamps. The fenders also get a huge indicator each. There’s also an external roll cage and a pair of high-set rear view mirrors. There’s also a custom hood that sports an LED bar. There’s another LED bar mounted above the windscreen.

This modified Thar has been given a widebody kit, which has been done to accommodate the extra pair of wheels at the rear. The increased width plays a vital role in giving this Thar a planted and a slightly sporty stance. Other than having an extra pair of wheels mounted on the rear axle, the Grizzly Custom Works’ Thar 6×6 also has custom taillamps, a pintle hook, a pair of fuel canisters, and a custom tyre carrier. The original wheels have been replaced with aftermarket multi-spoke alloy wheels that are shod with wider rubber.

Like we’ve been saying, this modified Mahindra Thar 6×6 from Grizzly Custom Works has a huge street presence and looks really aggressive. It’s really among the most menacing looking Thars we’ve seen so far. While the 6×6 configuration plays a huge role in giving this Thar a daunting stance, the numerous other custom bits it carries make it look nothing like anything else on the road.

Images Courtesy – 4×4 India on Facebook