The Maruti Ciaz is the epitome of luxury, elegance and sophistication: We explain

In half a decade, over 3 lakh Indians have chosen the NEXA Ciaz, a car that is the epitome of luxury, elegance and sophistication. In fact, the NEXA Ciaz is the fastest sedan in its segment to reach the 3 lakh sales mark, underscoring its popularity among young, successful Indians. What’s more, NEXA Ciaz owners often call the car their ‘good space’. What does this really mean, and why is the Ciaz so highly regarded in the Indian sedan space? We explain.

Understated Elegance

The Ciaz embodies gracefulness and elegance, and one can’t help but notice how the car exudes these traits from every possible angle. The car’s classic sedan silhouette adds to the feeling of class and sophistication while the wraparound headlamps and tail lamps give it a well rounded look. Indians love long cars and arriving in a long car in a sense underscores the owner’s success in life. The Ciaz’s 4.5 meter length and low slung stance make the car a veritable status symbol. Then, there are the various chrome bits embellished across the car, giving it a timeless appeal.  The Ciaz is for those who don’t need to scream to get noticed. It’s for those who prefer to whisper.

A plush cabin that’s your good space

The Ciaz is one of the most spacious cars in its segment, and has a limousine-like feel. The 4.5 meter length and 2.65 meter wheelbase make sure that you can actually cross your legs on the backseat and simply sink yourself in the luxury the car offers. The beige interiors add to the airiness of the cabin, leaving one and all impressed.

The elegance of the car’s exteriors is carried over to the inside with a simple dashboard design that will retain its timeless appeal for years. Thoughtfully designed bits such as leather-clad seats, automatic climate control, rear AC vents add to the comfort, making everyone sitting in the car calling it their ‘good space’.

Just as comfortable and refined on the move

While the Ciaz’s exteriors and interiors underline refinement and class, the car’s mechanicals live up to this very theme, and in fact take it to the next level. The 1.5 liter K-Series petrol engine that is barely audible inside the cabin exemplifies smoothness, and one would be hard pressed to notice that the engine’s running at idle speeds.

The 4-speed torque converter automatic gearbox with its well spaced gear ratios adds to the smoothness, and makes driving very convenient both on city roads and on the highway. For those who want a touch of sportiness, the Ciaz can also be ordered with a 5-speed manual gearbox. The car is sprung with a pliant yet absorbent suspension that offers a very comfortable ride quality on all kinds of roads. Comfort, refinement and convenience: the Ciaz has it all.

Loaded with technology
The Maruti Ciaz is the epitome of luxury, elegance and sophistication: We explain

The Ciaz is all about sophistry, and the reliable technology that goes into this car plays a big part. The car is meant for young, high achievers and the technology bits that it packs in reflects this. In fact, the Ciaz is the only car in its segment to offer a Smart Hybrid system, which not only minimizes fuel consumption but also smartly ensures that the environment is protected by cutting down on tailpipe emissions.

Other key technological features on the car play their roles to perfection. The key features are cruise control, automatic wipers, automatic headlamps and keyless entry, all of which work in tandem to make the drive a stress-free and enjoyable experience. Even your communication and entertainment needs are taken care of with the SmartPlay Infotainment System that supports both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

With so much on offer, is it still a surprise that Ciaz owners call it their ‘good space’?