The most-useful features for everyday driving: Community Poll

Driving aids are things that many buyers take for granted in the top-end variants of cars. Yet, not many cars come with them, and some things are added on as aftermarket accessories. These include features such as GPS navigation, brighter, more powerful headlights (HID or halogen), parking sensors and Bluetooth handsfree systems.

CarToq asked its community members which of these features the community found most useful in cars for everyday driving. Not so surprisingly, the vote went in favour of brighter, more powerful headlights as the most useful aftermarket feature. Also read: 12 retrofitted accessories to upgrade your car

The most-useful features for everyday driving: Community Poll

Of the total of 683 members who took part in the poll, 261 (38%) voted in favour of more powerful headlights as the most useful feature for everyday driving. The second most popular feature went to parking sensors with 200 votes, showing that quite a few people rely on this aid for parking in congested cities. The third feature was a bit of a surprise, going in favour of GPS navigation at 167 votes, which trumped Bluetooth phone connectivity. Also read: Why standalone GPS devices are better for your car

CarToq community poll

The most-useful feature for everyday driving is

Brighter, powerful headlamps: 261 votes

Parking sensors: 200 votes

GPS Navigation: 167 votes

Bluetooth phone connectivity: 55 votes

Total votes: 683

These days most top-end variants of cars offer features such as reverse parking sensors on their cars and many also include Bluetooth handsfree phone connectivity. But these were not the most useful. Given our dimly lit roads, most buyers said they would prefer upgrading the car’s headlamps to something brighter and powerful.

Cars usually come with 55/60 watt headlamps as standard kit, while those that provide HID headlamps often give 35 watt HIDs, while some high-end cars come with 55 watt headlamps. Upgrading a standard H4 55/60 watt headlamp to a 90/100 watt headlamp is fairly common practice with costs ranging from about Rs. 1,200 – Rs. 2,500 for a full set including wiring harness, bulbs and relay.

Parking sensors too are not every expensive aftermarket accessories. Good kits range from Rs. 1800 – Rs. 5000 for a set, depending on if it’s a two-sensor, three-sensor or four sensor system. These can easily be fitted aftermarket. Also read: Are reverse parking sensors really useful?

GPS navigation, surprisingly, is something everyone wants. These days cars offer it as OEM fitment in the infotainment system – but such systems are expensive. It’s better to get a standalone aftermarket GPS device or better still a SmartPhone with a GPS, which will serve even more purposes.

Share your view on which of these is your most useful driving aid.