The New Honda City – Here’s what all the reviews say

The all-new 2014 Honda City has got a bunch of mixed reviews from the automotive media in India. Some like it, some not so much. The car is due to be launched in the first week of January and if you’ve been thinking of the Honda City, here’s a compilation of some of the key automotive reviews on the Internet about the car, including CarToq’s own.

Most of the automotive media was invited to drive the new Honda City at Jaipur in early December – there were three models available – the Honda City diesel, the petrol and the petrol automatic. This is what the experts across media had to say:

The New Honda City – Here’s what all the reviews say

AutoCar India

“So Honda’s fourth-generation City is undoubtedly its most complete package yet. Its back seat will pamper passengers and the equipment list will rewrite expectations.”

The review does point out some of the weak points such as the noisy diesel engine, lack of insulation and a lack of cohesiveness in the interior design. Overall, the reviewer thinks the Honda City will easily give the Verna run for its money if priced right.

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Overdrive India

“The new model is an improvement in every aspect. The much needed diesel variant is finally here while the petrol model is now more powerful and efficient.”

Overdrive India’s review of the City says the car has improved considerably over its previous generations. It does point out some small flaws like skinny tyres, but overall, it says the City has everything in it to make it a best-seller.

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“The Honda City will be one of the best-selling cars of 2014 for sure and will certainly set a new benchmark.”

Zigwheels review says that despite a few shortcomings, the new Honda City is a phenomenon, and even though the design is not revolutionary, but mainly evolutionary, it is something that has been adapted well and should work for the car.

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The New Honda City – Here’s what all the reviews say  

Indian Autos Blog

“If you are a Honda enthusiast, on an existing City driver wishing to upgrade, chances are you might still favour the expensive fuel variant and not this diesel.”

Indian Autos Blog in its review says that purists would still favour the petrol Honda City, although there would be plenty of takers for the diesel as it is a “brilliant all-rounder” in its segment.

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“With a diesel engine now available in the Honda City, the Hyundai Verna and Volkswagen Vento have real big reasons to worry. The new City creates a new benchmark in the segment and is undoubtedly the most compelling package in its class.”

Motorbeam’s review points out the City’s shortcomings, but also says the car offers a good balance of performance and efficiency, ride and handling which buyers will like.

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“Practical diesel, fast petrol and convenient CVT. Take your pick”

Team-BHP has an exhaustive review of the Honda City, going into finer details of the car. Overall, the review also points out some of the finer details that enthusiasts would want to look at. It says performance levels for the diesel won’t beat some of the competition.

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And then you could also read CarToq’s comprehensive review of the Honda City diesel and petrol, as well as CVT, and watch the videos on these cars by clicking the links below:

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