The other side of solo traveling in India: It can be very risky [Video]

While travelling solo to distant places sounds like a fun idea for many people, it has its own sets of risks and precautions to take care of. Not all people who travel solo land up with good memories in the end, with some people also ending up having not-so-good experiences. Many solo motorcycle travellers, especially those who travel to places with limited resources and adverse climatic conditions, fall into undesirable situations. This recent example of a motorcycle rider trapped in chilling winters while riding solo in mountains up north is why people advise taking extra precautions while riding solo.

Riding solo

The whole ordeal of this solo motorcycle rider trapped in the Himalayas has been shared by a netizen named Mohit Tiwari through one of his videos on his YouTube channel. In this video, he explains how he found a motorcycle rider fighting for his life amidst snowfall and chilling winters, while he was on his way to Zanskar during his road trip in his Mahindra Thar. While on his way, he stopped his car for a loo break, only to find a semi-conscious person crawling towards him. This person was completely drenched in snow and was lying under an excavator, which was parked at that spot.

When Mohit Tiwari asked that person about his identity and whereabouts, the person, who was in a delirious state, revealed that he was from Andhra Pradesh and was riding solo in the Himalayas. Further conversation revealed that the person met with an accident while he was riding in the hills, and due to no availability of resources, he tried to save his life and remain conscious by lying under that excavator. However, due to a drop in temperatures and consistent snowfall, the situation worsened and he ended up being in that situation.

The other side of solo traveling in India: It can be very risky [Video]

Seeing the pitiful condition of the motorcycle rider, Mohit Tiwari drove back for some distance to ask for some aid and help to save the rider from an even more adverse situation. Before that, Tiwari helped the rider by giving him his foldable tent and sleeping bag, to take some rest. After some time, Mohit is seen returning with another group of tourists in a Ford Endeavour, who came to the help of the rider and drove him to a hospital in Jispa, Himachal Pradesh. The video concludes with Mohit Tiwari saying that the rider is now out of danger and under medical treatment.

Stuck in Gurkha

Deepak of DCV Expeditions was stuck in Shinku La top after his Force Gurkha did not start because of the cold weather which was around negative 25 degree Celsius. He luckily found another vehicle that was crossing the same spot and took a lift to nearest army base camp. They helped out Deepak by bringing their truck and towing the vehicle back to the camp. There Deepak used warm water to start the engine. While Deepak is an exceptionally experienced traveller, a new person in this situation could have simply blanked out.

Turned back because of snowstorm

In another incident that Deepak of DCV Expeditions faces is in a Mahindra Thar. He took his Mahindra Thar with snow chains in Spiti valley but had to turn back after the snow storm did not stop. At one point, he could not see the road ahead and had to finally take a U-Turn and reach back the place from where he started. For more such expeditions, check out his channel.

Riding travel can sound pleasantly adventurous and adrenaline-rushing. However, one must also be aware of the other adverse side of the story, when the geographical and climatic conditions are not in his favour. To combat such unpleasant situations, one must be fully prepared with all the equipment and skills required for bare-basic survival.

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