The real mileage of i20 and Swift revealed by CarToq community

Automakers routinely claim fuel efficiency of 20 kmpl plus. But do cars really deliver such high fuel efficiency?

The real mileage of i20 and Swift revealed by CarToq community

The best way to find the truth was to ask the CarToq community—and that is what has just begun here. Over the next few days and weeks, CarToq community will vote on what mileage a particular car delivers.

We start with two very popular cars: Maruti Suzuki Swift and Hyundai i20—in their diesel avatars.

A total of 1487 people were polled: 693for the Swift and 794 for the i20.

Real fuel efficiency vs. Claimed fuel efficiency

The claimed fuel efficiency of the Swift diesel and i20 diesel is 23 kmpl and 22 kmpl, respectively. Neither Swift nor i20 comes close–The Swift gets closer with 51 percent of those polled saying they get between 17-19 kmpl. Only 30 percent of Hyundai owners get 17-19 kmpl. Also read: Do these cars really deliver the mileage they claim?

Maruti Suzuki Swift vs. Hyundai i20 diesel fuel efficiency

Nearly 75 percent of the people polled said they get between 15-19 kmpl. However, for the i20, the higher percentage of people– 69%–fell in 13-17 kmpl bracket. This suggests while Swift may not score over i20 on maximum fuel efficiency, generally speaking more people are able to extract better fuel efficiency with Swift compared with i20.  Also read: Top three most fuel efficient petrol sedans in India between Rs.11 – Rs.20 lakh

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