The REAL reasons why everyone’s buying Royal Enfields

Royal Enfield’s sales are exploding, and Eicher CEO Siddhartha Lal has just on record to say that his firm’s motorcycle division will continue to retain ‘enormous market share’. We tell you the REAL reasons why everyone’s buying Royal Enfields. (Between April 2016 and March 2017, Royal Enfield sold more than 6.5 lakh bikes, which is a full 31 % more than what they did in the previous fiscal)

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The REAL reasons why everyone’s buying Royal Enfields

Royal Enfield motorcycles are popular for their signature thump, something that has been constant since the inception of the motorcycle brand. The thump has been passed on from one generation to another, creating an aura that is limited to Royal Enfield motorcycles. It’s very distinctive, and no other bike in India offers this.

Even though Royal Enfield motorcycles lack modern features, the vintage looks of the motorcycles with maximum use of metal make them unique, heavy and masculine. The Royal Enfields have a charm of their own, and it is something that attracts the buyers, including the younger generation.


The REAL reasons why everyone’s buying Royal Enfields

Royal Enfields can be used as city bikes during the week, and leisure highway bikes during the weekends. Most Royal Enfield owners use the motorcycles in the city, where the big low-end torque makes it easy to ride in the traffic. The concentrated torque on the lower-end of the engine makes sure that the rider makes fewer gear changes while riding within the city limits.

On the highways, the Royal Enfield motorcycles are proven mile munchers. Even with the big displacement engines, the motorcycles return decent fuel efficiency. The 350 cc engine on the Classic returns a maximum of 37 km/l while the 500cc engine returns a maximum of 33 km/l. Royal Enfield now even has the Himalayan, an on-off road bike that’s quite affordable, too.

Vastly improved quality and reliability levels

The REAL reasons why everyone’s buying Royal Enfields


The Royal Enfield motorcycles have become quite modern without losing the charm. Unlike the older iron cast AVL engines, modern REs use Unit Construction Engines (UCE), which are way more reliable. The moderns REs are also made at the state-of-art facility at Chennai using robots and advanced machines, which makes sure that the quality is not compromised.

Even though many Royal Enfield owners continue to face breakdown issues, the problems have come down massively when compared with the older generations. Modern Royal Enfield motorcycles also come with a service period of 3,000 km. The Himalayan comes with a service period of 5,000 km, which is quite good. Royal Enfield gives a warranty of 24,000 km or 24 months proofing the faith of the company in the newer products.

Easier to ride than before

The REAL reasons why everyone’s buying Royal Enfields

More people are attracted towards Royal Enfield motorcycles because they have become much more easier to ride and maintain. All the motorcycles in the line-up feature electric start, making them hassle free. The older cast iron models had the gear shifter on the right-hand side of the motorcycle and the brake lever on the left-hand side, keeping many buyers away.

All the models in the current line-up have the gear lever and the brake lever at conventional locations making the buyers much more confident. Royal Enfield has also started offering disc brakes, but ABS is still absent. Disc brakes are much better when it comes to braking than the older drum brakes.

Wide price range to suit a wide range of budgets

The REAL reasons why everyone’s buying Royal Enfields

Royal Enfield offers a motorcycle for every budget need. The cheapest Royal Enfield is the Bullet, which starts at Rs. 1.19 lakh, ex-showroom, Delhi while the most expensive motorcycle is the racy Continental GT, cafe racer which is priced at Rs. 2.17 lakh, ex-showroom, Delhi.

There’s something for everyone

The REAL reasons why everyone’s buying Royal Enfields

Royal Enfield is the only company in the market that offers an extremely wide range of products. There is Bullet for people who want live among the era of vintage motorcycles. You can also choose from Classic model if you are looking for a touch of modernity. Royal Enfield also offers Thunderbird range for the people who love to be on the open highways. The brand is only one in India to offer an ADV motorcycle at an affordable price in the form of Himalayan. And if you are looking for something unique, there is the Continental GT, the second cheapest Cafe Racer (after Splendor Pro Classic) in the market.