The REAL reasons why everyone’s buying the all-new Maruti Dzire

In the month of August, Maruti has sold as much as 30,934 units of the DZire, which is massive. No car has ever touched such monthly numbers in India, ever. For perspective, the DZire has overtaken the best seller in India, the Maruti Alto.  Here’s why everyone’s buying this compact sedan.

The REAL reasons why everyone’s buying the all-new Maruti Dzire

Looks gorgeous

The DZire has been redesigned ground up, and is a stunner. Maruti has used the new HEARTACT platform to develop the DZire, making it far better than the older vehicle. With the upgraded exteriors, the DZire has become the first choice of many.

First time buyers making a beeline for the car

As per Maruti officials, the DZire is a more preferred car by the first time buyers than the Alto. The first car definition has changed from smallest vehicle available to the one which is desired and affordable. Increasing fuel efficiency, affordable financing, and better distribution have changed the customer preference too.

The REAL reasons why everyone’s buying the all-new Maruti Dzire

Fuel efficiency

The DZire is the most fuel efficient diesel vehicle in India. The diesel engine returns a maximum fuel efficiency of 28.4 km/l. The petrol engine returns a maximum of 22.0 km/l. The 1.2-litre petrol and 1.3-litre diesel engines remain same as the previous generation DZire, but the lighter weight of up to 105 kg has increased the mileage by a huge margin.

Something for everyone

The DZire now offers manual and automatic transmission with both petrol and diesel engine options. The AMT allows lower maintenance and higher fuel efficiency. Maruti also offers the top-end Z+ trim with the AMT, which allows people to buy the fully loaded vehicle with the automatic option.

Premium interiors

Maruti has added things like wooden trims on the dashboard and steering wheel, touch sensitive infotainment system, rear AC vent, dual tone interiors to make the DZire extremely premium in the segment.

Much safer

With the new DZire, Maruti now offers dual airbags and ABS as a standard feature across the variants. Slowly but surely, buyers in India are opting for cars that have safety features as standard.

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