The REAL reasons why everyone's still buying the Toyota Fortuner SUV

The REAL reasons why everyone’s still buying the Toyota Fortuner SUV

Toyota launched the all-new Fortuner in November 2016. Ever since, the much-awaited vehicle has been out-selling every other luxury SUV in the country, doing close to 2,000 units per month. In March 2018, the Fortuner outsold even the Mahindra XUV500, clocking 1,925 units to the latter’s 1,567 units.

But why’s the Fortuner such a mega hit, despite the Ford Endeavour being around? Here are 6 big reasons why everyone wants a Fortuner in their garage.

Brand Image



The Fortuner has been the best-selling model in the segment ever since the vehicle’s first generation was launched in India in 2009. The Fortuner’s a massive brand in itself, and this is something that’s not easy for the competition to dislodge.

For most buyers, if it comes to buying a luxury SUV, the Fortuner’s often the only choice. Such is the brand value it commands. This explains why Toyota sold 1,924 units of the vehicle in the very first month of the new vehicle’s launch.

Resale value


Toyota vehicles are known for their sturdiness. Even though the Fortuner’s price starts from Rs. 26 lakhs and top-end goes till Rs. 31 lakh, the resale value of the vehicle hardly drops after years of use. Many people buy Toyota Fortuner and sell it after a few years of use without much depreciation in the value of the vehicle.

Toyota’s brand name and Fortuner’s image in the market give it an excellent resale value. According to a report done by CarWale, the value of Fortuner drops only 85% of the original value after three years. That is something incredible for a car that carries a huge price tag. Yet another reason for buyers to stick to the T-Fort.

Low maintenance



One of the main reason for Toyota’s popularity in India, and globally, is the low maintenance promise its vehicles come with. The Fortuner is no different. The service intervals of the Toyota vehicles are high while the cost of service stays low. Nothing really breaks or fails on most Fortuners, further bolstering this reputation. This also allows people to enjoy their vehicles at a minimal ownership cost.

A variant for everyone


Toyota offers every possible combination of options with the Fortuner. There are six variants of the SUV that includes automatic and manual transmissions. Unlike the rivals, Toyota offers both petrol and diesel engine options too. The petrol comes only in 4X2 option but gets manual and automatic transmission options.

The diesel engine comes with both 4X2 and 4X4 layout and also offers automatic and manual transmission with both types of the drivetrain. It allows Toyota to capture a larger base of customers easily. With many variants, everyone gets to choose the best suitable options. While city dwellers with sparing usages choose the petrol variants with automatics, highway hoggers go towards the 4X2 diesel options. Off-road adventurers go for the 4X4 option.

Highly efficient diesel engine


The new Fortuner is powered by a new GD series diesel engine. The new line-up was launched in 2015 and got a revamped technology. The new GD engines get Associated ESTEC technology (Economy with Superior Thermal Efficient Combustion) that increases the fuel efficiency considerably and provides seamless acceleration to the vehicle. The GD series engine comes with a maximum thermal efficiency of 44 percent. The 2.8-liter engine is one of the most thermally efficient ever made, according to Toyota. The 2.8-litre engine produces a maximum of 174.5 BHP and 420 Nm of torque. The Indian market loves fuel efficiency.

The ultra reliable after sales


Toyota is known for their excellent service network that touches almost all major cities of the country. Toyota boasts of 250+ service centres in India. Toyota offers three years comprehensive warranty with the Fortuner, along with that, the company also offers roadside assistance for as long as eight years. The reliable Toyota cars are known for their extended lives that can extend up to a few couple of lakhs kilometre without any significant trouble making the Fortuner an excellent choice in the segment.