The real story behind the ‘haunted’ Rolls Royce of Lonavala [Video]

rolls royce abandoned lonavala

Haunted houses and bunglows from British era are a topic of discussion. We are sure that grwing up, you would have come across at least one story about a haunted place or area. Whats the truth behind such stories we don’t know. However it looks like such stories are not just limited to houses. We have also heard about Bullet Baba shrine in Rajasthan where a Bullet motorbike is actually worshipped by people. Similarly, we have now come across another story of haunted Rolls Royce that is located in Maharashtra’s Lonavala.

If you have been living in Pune or Maharashtra, you might have come across the story of Ayesha Villa and the haunted Rolls Royce that is parked in the porch of the Bunglow. In this video that we have shared here, a bunch young riders visit the Ayesha Villa to check out the abandoned Rolls Royce. One of the person in the group explains that the car has been lying in the porch since the British era. He says that the family living in the house was murdered and Ayesha who was a 17 year old girl was raped by multiple people and was killed in the villa. After this incident, people have started hearing noises and figures in the house at night. The house was abandoned since then and the boy can be heard saying that the house has not one but spirits of many people who died in this villa.

The real story behind the ‘haunted’ Rolls Royce of Lonavala [Video]
Haunted Rolls Royce

There is another version of the story that says that a wealthy Christian couple was living in this house and 17 year old Ayesha was their daughter. One night, the house was attacked and the couple was murdered. This story doesn’t says whether Ayesha killed that night or not. The Rolls Royce was owned by the family and since then the car and the house is said to be haunted. However, both of these are actually stories and we don’t think there is any depth to it.

The house is currently located in a prime location, that is old Mumbai-Pune highway in Khandala. We feel the story might have been circulated by someone who wanted to stop the sale. We know that stories like these spread like wildfire and tracing it back to the person who started is often difficult. With this story, the abandoned house and the parked Rolls Royce covered in dust created a scary ambience to the place. The video featured here was recorded 6 years ago and the condition of the car has only deteriorated after this. People who pass through the road have thrown rocks at the car and that has damaged the windsheild, headlamps on the car. The body panels have also rusted and the car is currently in a pathetic condition.

The car seen here is a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow. This model was in production from 1965-1980. It was powered by a 6.75 litre V8 petrol engine. Another video that has published on YouTube mentions that the owner of the Rolls Royce car is currently planning to restore the Silver Shadow. Before the car was abandoned it was even featured in 2004 Bollywood movie Lakeer. If something like that happens, it would probably be the end of the haunted Rolls Royce or Ayesha Villa story.