The Renault Kwid is great...but its lower variants suck. Here's why

The Renault Kwid is great…but its lower variants suck. Here’s why

Very few buy the base variants of cars. So, why do they exist? Simply because having a stripped out, base variant allows automakers to price their cars attractively, bringing prospective to showrooms. Once prospective buyers are into the showrooms, salesmen can convert prospective customers into buyers. This has been the game plan of car makers all along, and it works.

Renault Kwid in Red 3

Renault launched the Kwid a few weeks ago, amassing over 30,000 bookings. The dust has now settled and deliveries of the budget hatchback have begun. A big reason for the great response to the Kwid was its killer pricing. Sure, the car is great but this applies only to two higher variants – RxL and RxT. The Kwid’s lower variants can leave a buyer extremely shortchanged. Here’s how!

No power steering

2015 Renault Kwid Budget Hatchback 7

The base (Std) variant of the Kwid isn’t offered with a power steering. Well, it doesn’t end here. Even the RxE and RxE Option variants of the car don’t get a power steering. So, if you want a car that’s easy to drive in the city, you have no option but to buy the RxL or RxT variants of the car, which means spending close to 4 lakh rupees, instead of 3.

No engine immobilizer

2015 Renault Kwid Budget Hatchback 1

Don’t touch the base variant of the Kwid, not even with a barge pole. The base variant of this car doesn’t feature an immobilizer, a security feature that stands in between your car and thieves. If you live in the larger cities of India, where cars get stolen frequently, owning a car without an immobilizer is being gifting thieves your car. Thankfully, an immobilizer is offered from RxE variant.

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No left wing mirror

Renault Kwid

It’s funny that car makers equip the top-end variants of their cars with airbags but delete the all-important left wing mirrors, all in a bid to cut costs. Adding this mirror won’t be expensive but you expect this (a part that costs a few hundred rupees) to be standard on a car that costs over 3 lakh rupees. Not having a left wing mirror in your car is downright dangerous. And to have one fitted from the factory, you need to buy the RxL or RxT trims.

No air conditioner

2015 Renault Kwid Budget Hatchback 4

Almost across India, it’s hard to get by throughout the year without air conditioning. And the AC is missing from the base variant. Thankfully, it makes an appearance on the RxE trim. So, the base variant of the Kwid is something that clearly exists for marketing the car rather than serving as a practical option for the buyer. It’s neither secure, nor comfortable in hot weather.

No glovebox

2015 Renault Kwid Budget Hatchback 10

This is taking cost cutting to an all new level. The customer can live with three bolts on the wheels and a plastic oil pan, but not having a glove box on the base variant is a move that actually discourages people from even considering the cheapest variant of the Kwid.

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So, if you must buy the Kwid for everyday city car use, opt for the RxL or the RxT variants. Don’t even bother with the base variant, or the RxE and RxE Option (no power steering) variants.