The RTO just seized this car; Here’s why

Officials of the Bashi RTO just seized this car, which was sitting at a mechanic’s garage awaiting repairs. Here’s why.

The RTO just seized this car; Here’s why

The heavily modified car, originally a Maruti 1000 attracted the attention of the RTO’s flying squad, which is coming down heavily on illegally modified vehicles. Obviously, the modified car bears little resemblance to the car it’s based on, a Maruti 1000. This aroused the attention of the flying squad of RTO officials, who examined it closely and sought details of the owner, in this case Devraj Kothari of Mulund. Also see – 5 reasons you should not modify your car

The RTO just seized this car; Here’s why

Now, Mr. Kothari is no more, and is survived by his son, Jaywant, who allegedly swapped this car for a Hyundai Sonata owned by one Ms. Heera Patel, a filmmaker in Mumbai. Besotted with the car’s looks, Heera exchanged her Sonata for the modified Maruti 1000, in possession of Jaywant Kothari. The car windscreen recently cracked due to a coconut falling from a tree. The car also had suspension trouble, which prompted Heera to bring it to Vishnu garage, for repairs.

The RTO just seized this car; Here’s why

That’s how this car ended in the RTO officials’ net, who say that it violates many rules of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules (CMVR). Also see – How NOT to modify your car

  1. The car’s length has been reduced
  2. The A, B and C pillars have been cut, thereby compromising the vehicle’s structural strength.
  3. The four door vehicle is now a two door car.
  4. The 5 seat layout has been swapped for a 2 seat layout.

RTO officials involved in the operation have had this to say about the impounded car,

  1. The car is not in conformation with any approved model of the manufacturer. It has not been certified by any approved testing agency and thus is dangerous to other road users. 

      2. We have impounded the car since alterations carried out are illegal. The chassis number displayed               is also doubtful. All this makes it illegal.

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Via MumbaiMirror