The Thak-Thak gang strikes again

Thak-Thak Gang

The Thak-Thak gang strikes again. While the modus operandi continues to be in Delhi, it’s not an Indian who’s been this gang’s latest victim. Instead, a Pakistani fashion designer from Karachi, Huma Nassr, who went to the Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah, was conned into losing a purse with jewellery worth lakhs of rupees.

The Thak-Thak gang strikes again
Thak-Thak Gang caught on camera.

The driver of Huma Nassr’s car was conned by the gang, who diverted his attention by saying that the car was leaking fuel. When the driver stepped outside the car to check the purported leak, the gang made away with the purse and the valuables in it.

Apart from the jewellery, the purse contained credit cards and a passport. Curiously, the purse was handed over to a shopkeeper in Lajpat Nagar by a teenager, with the passport intact. The shopkeeper contacted Huma Nassr’s husband, who had accompanied her to the Dargah, and who later retrieved the purse from the shopkeeper.

Want to see how exactly the Thak-Thak gang operates, do watch this video.

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