The Toyota Fortuner can truly go ANYWHERE: 5 videos to prove this

The Toyota Fortuner has been India’s most popular premium large-size SUV. In its second-generation now, this much-loved SUV is currently available with both petrol and diesel engines. The latest Fortuner has a lot going for it, really. Other than a bouncy ride and a fuel-guzzling petrol engine, there’s really little that we can point a finger at. Among the biggest positives of this SUV is its go-anywhere capability. Yes, you can really take a 4×4-equipped Toyota Fortuner just about anywhere. Don’t believe us? Well, we have as many as five videos that show a Fortuner sailing through some really challenging conditions.

Crossing a river

Here’s a video that shows a new-gen Toyota Fortuner easily crossing the Sutlej river. There are many factors that help the Fortuner cross a river stream so easily. Firstly, it has a massive ground clearance of 220 mm. Even the exhaust manifold sits several inches above the ground-level, which means there’s little chance of water running up the exhaust pipe and reaching the engine. Also, the excellent 4×4 system enables the SUV to find enough traction on the treacherous surface of the river-bed. Finally, the punchy motor helps the driver easily make his way through the flowing water.

Driving in the snow

In this video, you can see a Toyota Fortuner easily making its way through a lot of snow. As per the uploader of this video, he encountered several such stretches of snow during his drive to Chanshal Pass in Himachal Pradesh. The driver of the Fortuner has used snow-chains, which is something that every off-road vehicle requires while driving on snow-covered surfaces. Thanks to a high ground clearance and a punchy motor, one can easily power one’s way through a lot of snow in the 4H mode.

Desert Driving

Here’s a video that shows some new-gen Toyota Fortuner SUVs being driven through a desert (Skip to 1:40 for all the action). The desert drive starts with a group of Toyota Fortuner SUVs being led into a desert by a Land Cruiser Prado. Next, you can see the Fortuners indulging in some dune-bashing and driving through all that sand. Reducing the tyre pressure is the only little ‘modification’ you’ll need to make to a Toyota Fortuner before taking it for a desert drive. You can drive in 4H on most of the easy sections. Self-recovery from soft sand should be attempted in Low 2nd with very light throttle input. Low 1st should be used only when the going gets too tough. However, prolonged usage is totally unnecessary and it can also over-heat the engine.

Hill climb

Here’s a video that shows a Toyota Fortuner easily climbing its way up a steep incline. 2nd Low can be used to climb up such challenging inclines. Also, the Fortuner comes equipped with Hill Assist Control. Switching it on prevents the SUV from rolling backwards. Of course, the grunty engine plays a huge role in helping the Fortuner climb up such steep inclines easily.

Driving through slush

Driving through slush can be one of the most challenging aspects of off-roading. However, as you can see in the above video, the Fortuner can make its way through slush, too (skip to 9:03 to see the Fortuner being driven through slush). Even in slushy conditions, driving in 4H with a constant throttle input can help the Fortuner crawl its way through the challenging terrain.

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