These 2WD Motorcycles from around the world are perfect for India

These 2WD Motorcycles from around the world are perfect for India

The 2WD motorcycles are not new to the world. There was an era during 80s and 90s when engineering ideas were at the pinnacle and many of them took real shape. In today’s world, the number of such 2WD motorcycles are less but nonetheless, they look brilliant and have a much versatile application in the real world conditions too. Here are 10 2WD or AWD motorcycles from around the world.

Rokon Trailbreaker


The USA based Rokon 2WD has been around since a long time. The company which is said to make the motorcycles as capable as Land Rovers have been in the business since 1960s. The 2WD very innovative and relies on the big fat soft tyres for the suspension duties as only recently, Rokon figured out a way of equipping its hard-core off-road motorcycle with front suspension.

The Rokon 2WD uses hollow wheels that can store 2.5 gallons or 9.5-litres of water or extra fuel. The hollow tyres can left empty, which makes the motorcycle float on water. The capable 98 kilogram vehicle can tow upto 907 kg of weight and can climb 60% gradient. The two-wheeler also gets 14-inch of ground clearance.

Ural Sidecar


This motorcycle may have three-wheels and only two of them are powered but the Ural sidecar has been one of the oldest 2WD motorcycle that is still in production and that makes it more than eligible to get a entry in this list. Ural developed the capable 2WD motorcycle during the World War II to compete against the German BMW R75 sidecar and a similar Russian 2WD motorcycle.

The idea was to develop a motorcycle that is as capable as the Jeeps and can take the soldiers to strategic position without much work. The Ural sidecar motorcycle is still in production, making it most successful 2WD motorcycle in the history.



The R1200GS is known in the motorcycling circuit for its long distance capabilities and a ability to take on bad roads easily. BMW tuner from Germany, Wunderlich took the stock BMW R1200GS and converted it to a more capable 2WD hybrid motorcycle. The touring motorcycle gets extra batteries and hub mounted electric motors for the front tyre and the rear tyre separately. The motorcycle shows how future 2WD can be engineered.

Suzuki Nuda


Suzuki was on a rampage during the 1980s with the 2WD motorcycles. One of the many motorcycles and concepts was the Nuda and it was one motorcycle that caught many eyes. The Nuda is most famous 2WD Suzuki concept ever made and the motorcycle used some smart engineering to power both the wheels.

There were swing arms for both the wheels and two different driving shafts emerged from the transmission box to both the wheels. The Nuda was a working model but never made it to the production line due to less demand of such motorcycles. The shafts increased the weight of the motorcycle and made it slower too.

Drysdale 2X2X2


The 2X2X2 stands for 2-wheeled motorcycle, 2-wheel powered and 2-wheel steering system. An Australia based enthusiast spent hours to built this motorcycle that uses 9-piston hydraulic pump that generates over 4,500 PSI to do all the work in the motorcycle. The pump is driven by a 250cc, two-stroke engine.

The complicated set-up uses the pump from a Sabre fighter jet. The hydraulic pump drives a pair of motors that drive the front and the rear wheels individually. The motorcycle also gets rear steering system making it a two wheel steering to get smaller turning radius. This is a one off model made by the Australian and is deemed as one of the most capable motorcycles in the history.

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