These are five of the most customized Royal Enfield bikes in India – Beautiful customizations [Video]

The custom Royal Enfield bike segment in India is experiencing rapid growth. Enthusiasts are increasingly seeking unique and personalized bikes that reflect their individual style. Custom workshops and builders are catering to this demand, offering modifications ranging from cosmetic enhancements to complete transformations. With a focus on aesthetics, performance, and individuality, the custom Royal Enfield bike segment has emerged as a thriving market, capturing the imagination of motorcycle enthusiasts across the country. Recently, a video showcasing five highly modified Royal Enfield motorcycles has been shared online. The video provides detailed views of each custom bike and guarantees a treat for anyone who loves custom bikes.

The video of these custom Royal Enfield bikes has been shared on YouTube by Khanna Omkar on their channel. The presenter in the video first starts off with the introduction of the five special bikes and the owner of the shop that has customized them. Following this, he proceeds to showcase the bikes, beginning with the first bike named “Garuda.” The presenter shows the bike from all angles and expresses that the bike has left him speechless. He then asks the shop owner about the engine used in this particular bike, to which he replies that it utilizes the same engine as the Royal Enfield Electra 350.

The presenter then inquires about the modifications, and the owner states that everything apart from the engine has been custom-built. He mentions that they made the chassis, swing arms, and fuel tank. Additionally, they removed the rear twin suspension setup and added a single suspension system under the seat. The owner also mentions that they installed a 170mm front tire and a 230mm rear tire. He adds that customizing this bike took them 3-4 months.

Following this, the presenter moves on to the second bike named “Eklavya.” The owner mentions that this bike is a bobber bike and features a single custom leather seat. He also states that genuine brass has been used throughout the bike to give it a unique appearance. The presenter showcases the bike’s digital meter, and the owner explains that all the work done on these bikes is in-house, with everything built from scratch. He mentions that a similar bike would cost around Rs 2 lakh to build, depending on additional requests.

These are five of the most customized Royal Enfield bikes in India – Beautiful customizations [Video]

The presenter proceeds to showcase the third bike, which has not been named yet. The owner states that this is the most affordable bike in their range and that it retains many components from the original Royal Enfield Classic 350, on which it is based. He mentions that this bike is targeted towards those who desire something unique on a budget.

Afterward, the presenter showcases the fourth bike, named “Legend,” by the shop. The owner mentions that this bike is based on the Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 cafe racer bike and features custom wheels and 170mm tires. He adds that the bike also incorporates a significant amount of custom brass work. Most of the brass elements have been engraved to enhance its distinct feel. The owner further explains that they have worked on the suspension, seats, paint, and other elements of the bike to create this unique product.

Finally, the shop owner presents his shop’s most unique creation, named “Aurum.” He starts at the front of the bike and states that this bike was the most labor-intensive project they have undertaken. The presenter showcases the fuel tank, which has a knife placed in the middle. The owner explains that he acquired this dagger from Darjeeling and wanted to incorporate it into the bike, so he decided to cut the fuel tank and place it there. The presenter then highlights the custom retro wheels, tires, and the bike’s stunning paint job. He also mentions the bike’s custom brass risers, a unique addition that has never been created before. The presenter concludes by showcasing the custom engraved brass details of the bike.

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