These beautifully modified Honda Accord sedans are head turners [Video]

The Honda Accord has served as the flagship sedan for the Japanese car manufacturer for an extended period. Much like the Civic, the Honda Accord boasts a significant fanbase and holds popularity within the modification circle. It stands as a luxury sedan, and for a period of time, a robust hybrid version of the Accord was available in India. Our website has showcased numerous uniquely customized Honda Accord sedans in the past. Although the Accord is no longer accessible in our market, it continues to retain a special place among enthusiasts. Here, we present three beautifully modified Honda Accords.

Purple Accord

The initial Honda Accord on this list hails from Kollam, Kerala. We’ve witnessed several elegantly modified cars from various parts of the state. This sedan has undergone a complete transformation tailored to the owner’s preferences. A custom Purple paint job, infused with glitters in the clear coat, has been chosen, resulting in a distinctly striking appearance.

The sedan features a Mugen body kit with custom skirting, along with Bugatti-inspired aftermarket headlamps and LED aftermarket tail lamps. The car is also fitted with 19-inch aftermarket alloy wheels equipped with low-profile tires. The standout feature of this sedan lies in its air suspension setup, ingeniously situated in the car’s trunk. The interior has been meticulously customized, and the vehicle boasts a valvetronic exhaust, stage 1+ remap, and an aftermarket air filter.

These beautifully modified Honda Accord sedans are head turners [Video]
Honda Accord modified


The second Honda Accord, also hailing from Kerala, is an intriguing specimen. The car’s owner acquired a used, stock-condition Honda Accord specifically for this project. Mirroring the first Accord on this list, this one also incorporates an aftermarket body kit, with an added custom lip for the Mugen body kit. This strategic addition enhances the car’s overall stance after being lowered. The headlamps are bespoke units featuring LED DRLs and projector lamps. Sourced from Delhi, the 19-inch alloy wheels are enveloped in low-profile tires. The vehicle also showcases aftermarket LED tail lamps, a full system exhaust, and BMC air filters. The owner has elevated the audio system and opted for an Android touchscreen infotainment system. A stage 1+ remap has been applied to the engine, and the car boasts air suspension from N1 Concepts. The amalgamation of these modifications lends the car an exceptionally appealing appearance.


The third entry on this list comes from North India, representing a unique variation. In contrast to the initial two vehicles, this one doesn’t undergo a paint job transformation. Instead, the owner has enveloped the sedan in a Lamborghini Yellow shade. All chrome elements have been darkened to achieve a sporty aesthetic. The car showcases a BMW M series-inspired bumper both at the front and rear. The stock headlamps have been substituted with a matrix-type all-LED unit. Additionally, a set of 17-inch blacked-out aftermarket alloy wheels, fitted with thick-profile run-flat tires, grants the car a lowered stance. Select elements of the car’s exterior have been blacked out, and carbon-fiber-like wrapping has been tastefully applied in various areas.