Thief breaks a car window and steals a bag in just 2 seconds (Video)

Valuables kept in a parked car can be very dangerous in India. There have been numerous instances where thieves have broken windows of parked vehicles to steal valuables. Here is one such incident from Bangalore that highlights this fact.

What really happened?

A gang of well-organised thieves targets a Maruti Swift DZire parked on the road to steal a bag from it. The owner, Renjith Mohandas was working out in a gym when the CCTV caught whole plot. The incident took place in broad daylight on a crowded junction, which proves that ‘parking at a crowded public place is safe’ is a myth.

The CCTV footage shows a person peeking into the parked DZire while walking past it. Within a few minutes, a  duo on motorcycle stops near the vehicle and the pillion rider gets off to scan the vehicle thoroughly. After spotting a black bag at the rear, the gang becomes interested and starts their operation.

After thorough scanning, a new guy enters the scene to take the final look at the supposed black bag that was kept at the rear seat of the vehicle. The duo decides to break into the car, but the vehicle was parked near a restaurant. One of the thieves starts to speculate if someone sitting inside the restaurant could raise the alarm after seeing the robbery.

One of the guys finally goes into the restaurant to check if someone is sitting facing the road and comes out to give the go-ahead to his colleague. The person then goes near the car, uses some device to shatter the rear glass of the DZire and takes away the bag. It all happens in just 2 seconds time. The thief then rides away on a bike waiting for him behind the car.

What was used to break the glass?

Manufacturers use safety glass in the vehicles, and it is not so easy to break them. The window was broken so easily that the thieves may have used a safety hammer that is used to break the car window in case of an emergency. In recent times, thieves have been caught using ceramic shards to break the glasses. These ceramic shards are extracted by breaking spark plugs and then thrown at the glass from a close distance. It is not clear from the CCTV which one is used the thieves to break the window and steal the bag.

How to make sure that your car does not become a target?

Thieves often choose soft targets or cars that are parked in poorly lit places or secluded areas. Here are few ways to deter thieves from targeting your car.

  • Avoid keeping any bags or wallets in the car. If you have to, hide it under the seat or keep it in the trunk.
  • Use window blinds to obstruct any view when the car is parked for a long time.
  • It is essential to install security alarms that will alert the people nearby if someone tries to break the car windows or harm the vehicle in any way.
  • Park in authorised parking zones where an attendant can keep an eye on the vehicle.