Thief shows cop how they use rubber band to break into cars

Vehicle theft is a huge problem in our country. Reports of thieves breaking into the car and stealing valuables is a common news. In some cases, the car itself is stolen. They use various methods to break the glass and get into the car. In one such incident the was reported recently from Chennai shows how thieves used to break into a car that was parked. The method used by this group is quite different from what we have seen in the past. The group does not use many tools but, a simple rubber band to break into the car.

The video report has been shared by Sun News on their YouTube channel. According to the report, cops arrested a group of eight in connection with a recent theft in Chennai. Cops arrested the group from a hideout in Bengaluru. The culprits are identified as Subramani (48), Rohan (24), Tinu Anand (25), Dinesh Kumar (25), Deenadayalan (22), Kiran Kumar (23) Rajaram (29), and a 17-year-old juvenile.

Thief shows cop how they use rubber band to break into cars

The cops were able to track the group using the CCTV cameras that were installed in the area were theft happened. In course of investigation the group confessed the crime and the cops arrested and brought them to Chennai. The report also mentions how the group used to carry out such thefts.

The group would first pick up their target. Once they find a suitable time, they would use a rubber band as a sling shot to break the window of a car without any noise. Once the glass shatters, they move the broken glass using their elbow and in minutes, the group steals the valuables and runs away.

The report says that the cops made one of the thief in the group demonstrate how they carried out theft. The sling shot was made from regular things that such as plastic wrappers, rubber band and a hair pin. The thief would stretch the rubber band and on the other end, the hair pin is attached with the rubber band. He stretches the rubber band and hits the glass of the car and the window glass shatters instantly. This method does make much noise and is also very easy as they do not have to carry large tools with them around.

Modern day cars have several features that can alert the owner know whenever their is an intrusion inside the vehicle. But, a majority of car that we currently have on our roads do not have such features. vehicle theft is a common problem all across the country. New Delhi is considered the state with highest rate of vehicle theft.

How and where you park your car actually plays an important role. Never park your vehicle in a secluded corner. It is always better to park at a spot with regular footfalls. Always ensure that the vehicle is well-lit as thieves do not like to work under a spotlight that can attract attention. Steering locks, central locking system, gear locks and other security devices can be installed. Installing GPS in your vehicle is also helpful in case thieves runaway with your car. Such GPS based devices help locate the vehicle in such situations.