Thief shows how he steals Royal Enfield motorcycles in less than 60 seconds [Video]

Royal Enfields are quite popular in the used bike market. While the motorcycle retains its value over the years, there is a strong demand for the bike as well. This is made the Royal Enfield a very popular choice among the thieves. This video shows how a thief breaks the lock of the Royal Enfield Classic in under 60 seconds.

When it launched in 2009, the Royal Enfield Classic 350 became an instant hit among all sections of the people. Be it college-goers, policemen, men from armed forces, middle-aged men and avid motorcyclists – the Classic 350 has become a desirable motorcycle for all. Unfortunately, it has also attracted the prying attention of thieves. With a stellar resale value and high demand in the used market, the cases of stolen Classic 350s too has risen in recent years.

Stealing Royal Enfield under 60 seconds

Thief shows how he steals Royal Enfield motorcycles in less than 60 seconds [Video]

Wonder how easy it is to steal a Royal Enfield Classic 350? In the video, we can see a thief demonstrating how he successfully manages to get away with a locked Classic 350 within 60 seconds. In the video, the thief seems to be in the custody of policemen who wanted to know how the thief breaks the lock of a Royal Enfield Classic 350 and manages to start its ignition despite not having the required key for the purpose.

The thief first breaks the handlebar lock by applying force against the direction of the handlebar movement by holding the pillion grab rail for support. After he manages to break the lock, the thief then cuts down the ignition wire and fuse connector connected to the battery terminals with his teeth, which is hidden below the headlamp.

After the thief connects the wires back, he presses the electric starter, which brings the motorcycle to life. While the whole process is one of the most common practices followed by the thieves to steal motorcycles, the policemen were amazed how the thief managed to do the entire process on his own within a few seconds.

Additional security for motorcycles

The Royal Enfield Classic 350 comes equipped with a single-sided handlebar lock, with no other modern security features like lockable ignition keyhole, Bluetooth-operated tracking system or burglar alarm. To prevent your motorcycle from getting stolen, you can use additional after-market security bits such as brake disc lock and front fork lock, with which you can lock other mechanical components of the motorcycle, apart from the handlebar.

In addition to these basic security kits, you can also install an after-market engine immobilizer or a tracker which will let you know the exact location of your motorcycle. However, such electrical systems are usually installed with alterations to the original electrical structure used in a motorcycle. It can void the standard warranty offered on the motorcycle by its manufacturer.