Thief steals a Toyota Fortuner in less than 2 minutes [Video]

Even though modern cars have become much more secure and safer than before, thieves always find a way to steal them. Here is a theft of a Toyota Fortuner that took less than 2 minutes. The whole act was captured on CCTV.

The video footage shows the thief arriving on a scooter as a pillion rider. He gets off the scooter and within a few seconds unlocks the car and opens the door. It seems like the car alarm starts to ring as we can see the hazard lamps glowing up. However, we cannot confirm the same as the video has no sound.

The thief then drives off with the car without any problem whatsoever. The incident happened in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. the police have registered a complaint and are investigating the matter. However, they are still trying to identify the thief.

Stealing modern cars with immobilizers

Thief steals a Toyota Fortuner in less than 2 minutes [Video]

Most cars available in the market today are equipped with immobilizers and other security features to prevent theft. However, modern vehicles with keyless fobs are more susceptible to theft. These vehicles can be targeted for duplicate key creation without requiring the original key. All that is needed is the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and a security PIN, which can be obtained from the dealership after proving ownership of the vehicle.

Using this information, unauthorized individuals can produce a duplicate key fob that functions seamlessly with the car. In the scenario depicted here, the thief has taken a photo of the VIN, suggesting a potential connection with or employment at the dealership where the PIN was obtained.

The duplicate key is then reprogrammed using readily available online software and hardware. This entire process takes no more than 15 minutes and does not trigger the vehicle’s security system, as it recognizes the duplicate key as the original.

There have been numerous reported incidents of successful vehicle theft involving cars equipped with immobilizers. An immobilizer is a security device in a vehicle that verifies the authenticity of the key by matching a unique code. If the key code does not match the immobilizer’s code, the car will not start.

Modern-day thieves employ devices to reprogram new keys for vehicles, ensuring that the immobilizer code matches and the vehicle remains unaware of any difference.

Older vehicles did not have the same level of protection against theft. Basic security measures like remote control locks, steering locks, and gear locks were sufficient to deter thieves. However, with the advancement of technology, incidents have occurred where fully automated cars were hacked using mobile phones and laptops. The pursuit of modernity has inadvertently created vulnerabilities that are exploited by thieves.

While manufacturers are actively working to enhance the security features of cars to counter tech-savvy criminals, it will take time to develop foolproof systems. In the meantime, it is advisable to rely on secondary security measures such as GPS monitoring systems to track the location of the vehicle, providing an additional layer of defense.

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