Thieves escape with stolen bike: Alert guard closes gate & thieves crash into it [Video]

No matter how safe and secure modern two-wheelers have become, bike thieves are still a menace to society. In many instances, it is the carelessness of the two-wheeler owners, that their two-wheelers get stolen. One delivery boy was just going to be unlucky in such a situation, but the alertness of a security guard helped him avoid the situation.

The said instance is from Delhi’s Kalkaji Extension area today, where two men who were posing as municipal officials tried to steal a delivery boy’s motorcycle. The bike thieves, who posed themselves as municipal officials, were already doing a recce of the Everest Apartments before the delivery boy arrived at the destination around 2 pm.

The only mistake the delivery boy did was that he left the keys to his scooter in the lock itself. Seeing this, the two bike thieves tried to start the scooter and flee from the spot. However, the security guard of the society was quick enough to come into action, and he closed the gates of the society, prohibiting the thieves to run away from the spot with the stolen scooter. Due to this, the thieves rammed into the gate, and as a result, they fell from the scooter.

As soon as the security guard closed the gates of the society, one of the two bike thieves was caught by the residents, while the other one manage to flee away from the spot. He tried to hide in a neighbouring colony by trying to blend in with the joggers in the nearby park. However, he too got caught by the residents.

Recorded on CCTV

Thieves escape with stolen bike: Alert guard closes gate & thieves crash into it [Video]

The entire incident of the bike thieves running from the spot after stealing the scooter and ramming into the gates of the society got recorded on the CCTV camera of Everest Apartments. In no time, both the thieves were handed over to the police, after the residents called the control room. Policemen from the nearby Govindpuri police station came to the spot and arrested the thieves.

We urge all our readers and citizens of the country to be careful while parking their two-wheeler or cars. Please do not leave your vehicle’s key in or on the vehicle, which can give the thieves a free hand to steal your vehicle.

Bikes are easy targets

Most motorcycles are equipped with a single-sided handlebar lock, with no other modern security features like a lockable ignition keyhole, Bluetooth-operated tracking system or burglar alarm. To prevent your motorcycle from getting stolen, you can use additional after-market security bits such as brake disc lock and front fork lock, with which you can lock other mechanical components of the motorcycle, apart from the handlebar.

In addition to these basic security kits, you can also install an after-market engine immobilizer or a tracker which will let you know the exact location of your motorcycle. However, such electrical systems are usually installed with alterations to the original electrical structure used in a motorcycle. It can void the standard warranty offered on the motorcycle by its manufacturer.

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