Thieves steal new Maruti Brezza: Leave note stating that they’ll return it in 3 days

Maruti Suzuki Brezza stolen Assam

We have all heard about car theft before, and we know that once thieves take away a car, it is unlikely to be found. This is the most common scenario for car thefts in India. However, every once in a while, some crazy things happen, and in the most recent incident, it has been reported that the thieves who stole a brand new car – a Maruti Brezza from a person’s home in Mangaldai town in the Darrang district of Assam left the owner a note promising to return the car in a few days and asked him to keep it quiet. As weird as it may seem, this is precisely what happened.

Thieves steal new Maruti Brezza: Leave note stating that they’ll return it in 3 days

According to reports, the car with the registration number AS 01 FL 7552 was stolen from the owner Abdul Aziz’s house, and the FIR for this case was registered at the Janaram Chowk of Mangaldai town. Aziz reported that the thieves stole the car key from the table beside his bed and some cash from his house.

After stealing the Maruti Brezza, the thieves left a note for Aziz, saying, “You will get the car back after three days. Don’t make a fuss out of the situation. And do not inform the police because if you do, you will not get your car back.” It is not clear if the thieves wrote anything else, but this is what has been reported so far. The Assam police are currently looking for these “ethical” thieves, and if there are any further developments in this case, we will share an update.

As previously mentioned, car theft is widespread in India. Recently, a small group of thieves was apprehended in Delhi after it was discovered that they were stealing Toyota Fortuners from the city. The group only worked when someone in Assam expressed interest in purchasing an automobile. They never kept the stolen vehicle on their property, instead delivering it to Assam as soon as it was stolen and giving it to the buyer. They were reportedly able to take about 30 Toyota Fortuners in all.

Thieves steal new Maruti Brezza: Leave note stating that they’ll return it in 3 days

The Toyota Fortuner SUVs were the group’s only objective, and they took them from several locations in Delhi and the NCR. One was taken from the Punjabi Bagh neighborhood in West Delhi, prompting authorities to take action. After the incident, police checked the CCTV and found the vehicle at Uttam Nagar, but they discovered that the SUV’s license plates had been altered by the criminals.

To catch the thieves, the police formed teams that were on the lookout for anyone who came to pick up the Fortuner. After about 15 hours of waiting, they caught the people who came to take the parked Fortuner from Uttam Nagar. The team caught the thief identified as Deepak, who arrived at the destination in an Ola cab. As soon as the cops caught Deepak, the cab driver who dropped him off started to rush and leave the location. Another police team waiting in the vicinity caught the Ola driver as well. A third person was caught when these two confessed.