Third-gen Skoda Octavia sedan restored to look like brand new [Video]

Skoda Octavia is without any doubt one of the best sedans that was offered in the Indian market. It catered needs of both enthusiasts and people who were looking for a premium and comfortable sedan. The modification potential on this sedan was more than any other sedan sold in the country. Maintaining a Skoda might be a bit expensive but, there are still many who enjoy driving a Skoda Octavia as a daily ride. Skoda will soon discontinue the Octavia sedan from Indian market due to new emission norms. Here we have a video of a 3rd generation Skoda Octavia sedan that has been neatly restored to its original condition.

The video has been uploaded by Autorounders on their YouTube channel. The owner of this diesel Skoda Octavia dropped the car at the workshop for a complete restoration work. The owner was very happy with the product and was planning to use it for next couple of years. Over the years of use, the interior of the car had started showing wear and tear and the exterior panels also had several scratches and few dents.

The owner wanted the car to look stock and wanted the interior to be done in genuine leather only. As part of the work, the team removed the bumpers, headlamps, tail lamps and grille from the sedan. The tail lamps were also removed. The team then marked all the dents and started fixing it using a dent puller machine. Once the dents were fixed, a thin coat of putty was applied on them. Excess putty was removed using a sander and the original paint of the car was also removed before repainting the whole car.

Third-gen Skoda Octavia sedan restored to look like brand new [Video]

Once the original paint was removed, the team applied a coat of primer on the car completely to protect the metal panels and act as a base for the original paint. The owner did not go for a different colour and maintained the stock black shade. The car was cleaned and then taken to the paint booth for the final paint job. Premium quality paint was used for this and the finished product was looking brilliant.Clear coat was also applied on the car which offered an extremely glossy finish to the paint job. While the exterior was being restored, the leather upholstery on the seats were all removed and custom seat covers were being made in the same pattern using genuine Italian leather. The fit and finish of the seat cover was top-notch.

Everything else in the cabin remained stock as per customer request. The only addition in the cabin was an ambient light strip on the dashboard which the customer had requested. Once the work was done all the panels were installed back and the owner also got the stock alloy wheels replaced with dual-tone aftermarket units. The brake calipers were painted red to achieve a sporty look. After the work was done, ceramic coating was also done on the car to achieve a high gloss finish. The owner was extremely happy with the work and can be heard saying that his car looks brand new.