This 400 bhp Skoda Octavia gives 17 kmpl+ fuel economy [Video]

If you are a keen observer of the Indian automotive industry, you must be knowing how the Skoda Octavia vRS has managed to make the term ‘outright performance’ more accessible to the masses. The sportier iteration of the already desirable Octavia has created benchmarks in performance, in whatever iteration it was sold in India.

Amidst all the hype the Skoda Octavia vRS has generated around outright performance, fuel efficiency is the last thought that comes to one’s mind. However, an Octavia vRS owner has tried to extract the maximum fuel efficiency of his car – a beautifully-modified Stage-3 customized Skoda Octavia vRS that produces a whopping 400 bhp of maximum power output.

In a YouTube video uploaded by the channel of The Drivers Hub, we can see a Skoda Octavia vRS 230 owner trying to obtain maximum possible fuel efficiency out of his car. Thanks to various mechanical and electronic updates, this particular Octavia, which has received a Stage-3 tuning, claims a maximum power output of 400 bhp, which is an almost top-spec sports car territory figure.

Extracting maximum fuel efficiency from the 400 Bhp monster

This 400 bhp Skoda Octavia gives 17 kmpl+ fuel economy [Video]

The owner of this Skoda Octavia vRS accepts the challenge of extracting maximum possible fuel efficiency in his one-way drive from Pune to Mumbai, through the Mumbai-Pune Expressway which has multiple ghat sections and a couple of tunnels in its course. At first, the owner has a crazy start with sudden accelerations and occasional heavy throttling. However, as soon as he crosses the first toll, he starts driving the car rather sedately.

After driving for a few kilometres, the Octavia vRS owner stops to refuel his car, and till that time, he faced minimal and organized traffic. During this course, the car returned him a very impressive 17.4 km/l of fuel efficiency. The car owner then heads towards Mumbai and on his way to his destination, he got multiple traffic congestions at a few places. Due to the stop-go traffic at these points, the fuel efficiency of the car drops down to 13.4-13.5 km/l, thus returning to an average consumption of around 12.5 km/l.

For a car which has a 400 bhp 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine under its hood, these fuel efficiency figures – 12.5 km/l in the city and 17.4 km/l on the highway, this pumped-up Skoda Octavia vRS shows that not all fast cars are heavy drinkers of fuel. For high fuel efficiency figures, all a car needs is proper control over the pedals and gearshifts.

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