This 6 wheeled, modified Mahindra Thar is pure MENACE

The Mahindra Thar is an open canvas for those who want to go crazy modifying their rides. Here’s one that takes crazy to an all new level. This Thar’s got 6 wheels but not in the layout you’d expect them to be.

Grilly Thar 1

Built by Grizzly Customs of Pune, this Thar was developed for three main reasons:

  • The owner wanted something very unique, something that would really stand out on the road.
  • Something that could tow a camper weighing about 1 ton.
  • Something that could still manage to do the occasional off-road trip.

Meanwhile, here are the various modifications that Grilly Motors have built into this monster Thar. The canvas top has made way for a customized half cabin. The 2 seat Thar now gets a covered loading bed at the rear. Up front, the stock headlamps make way for LED units while a beefy pair of fog lights sit on the front bull bar.

Grilly Thar 3

The bullbar is integrated with a custom bumper while the grille gets a Wrangler style insert. A couple of work lamps have been added while the roof gets marker lights. A functional snorkel is a useful bit. The stock tyres have been swapped from 31 inch mud terrain units that give the off roader a much more rugged look.

Grilly Thar 5

The biggest change is at the rear, which now gets truck-style double tyres. These are meant to give the custom Thar more stability and ability to pull a one ton trailer. For the record, the Thar unbraked towing capacity is rated at 750 Kgs, which means that a heavier trailer will need to have its own braking system.

Grilly Thar 6


Other changes at the rear include a custom bumper, a roll bar, Wrangler style tail lamps, a pintle hook, and a custom tyre carrier. Other interesting bits and bobs on the vehicle include Wrangler style wing mirrors, custom rock sliders, a high-mount stop lamp and alloy wheels.

Images courtesy GrizzlyMotorWorks