This Audi R8 supercar is available for sale – Cheaper than a Toyota Fortuner Legender

The German automotive manufacturer of luxury vehicles Audi AG has always been regarded as one of the most important luxury carmakers in the world and in India as well it holds a place of high esteem. The carmaker over the years has produced some amazing cars and one of the most iconic models from its range has always been the R8 supercar. The Audi R8 is one of the most recognizable sports cars to ever be introduced and its timeless appearance is one reason for this, and another is the fact that Tony Stark used it in Iron Man. When it was new it would have cost a fortune to buy, but today if you wish so you can easily pick up one for a cost equal to a new Toyota Fortuner.


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Recently a pristine example of an Audi R8 was posted for sale on Instagram via a used luxury car dealer from Mumbai. The seller has shared the pictures of the car and the model is finished in a dual-tone color scheme. The front half of the said R8 is yellow meanwhile the rear is satin black. The seller has listed that this is a wrap job and the original color of the car is Phantom Black Pearl from Audi.

It gets the company-fitted machine grey finish alloy wheels along with some cool-looking sponsor decals on the infamous R8 side blades. On the interior not much has been changed and only a single picture has been shared by the seller. The seat covers are finished in the premium red leather and there some bits and pieces finished in carbon fiber. The door cards on the supercar are also finished in the same red leather.

This Audi R8 supercar is available for sale – Cheaper than a Toyota Fortuner Legender

As for the details of this R8 the seller has mentioned that car is 2011 model and is registered in Haryana. The odometer reading according the seller is 32,500 kms and the ownership is second. The seller has also added that this particular R8 gets the 2nd Gen. Auto Focus Headlamps, Bang & Olufsen Audio Surround, Reverse Camera, Parking Sensor, Built in full system exhaust, and has been recently serviced and has Nano coated paint protection.

As for the price of this R8 the seller is asking Rs 55 lakh which although is a good chunk of money, it is quite reasonable for the car that is being offered. Currently for the same price you can get a Toyota Fortuner Legender but we bet that it wont be as cool as this Audi R8 V8. This specific R8 comes powered by the smaller 4.2 liter Audi R8 V8 2-door coupe. The Audi R8 generates a maximum of 423 Bhp and 430 Nm of torque. For the time Audi sold it in India it also offered a more powerful 5.2-litre 612 bhp V10 engine which was also shared in the Lamborghini Huracan as well the Gallardo.

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