This auto rickshaw is 75% Maruti 800!

Maruti 800 Autorickshaw featured

India is home to many creative individuals, and ever so often, we come across something so unique that it’s hard to comprehend. We’re also aware that autorickshaws are among the most crucial modes of transportation in India, yet they’re frequently overlooked. Combining the creativity of Indian people with this significant mode of transportation yields a result like this—an autorickshaw that’s 75% Maruti 800. Recently, a short video clip showcasing what we believe is one of the most distinctive autorickshaws in the country has been shared online.

The video of this distinct autorickshaw, with nearly two-thirds of the Maruti 800’s body, has been posted on YouTube Shorts by Duniya de Malak on their channel. In this video, the person behind the camera captures what anyone would initially recognize as the rear portion of the country’s most iconic car, the Maruti 800. The car appears to be in very poor condition. However, as the video progresses, viewers are in for a shock—the car is actually an autorickshaw from the front. A person can be seen navigating this peculiar yet amazing creation on the roads.

Upon closer observation, it’s apparent that the roof of this unusual creation isn’t from either the rickshaw or the 800; instead, it’s something entirely unique, sourced from another vehicle. Also noticeable is the shoddy fabrication work on this vehicle; to put it bluntly, it’s quite subpar. Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, the overall condition of this vehicle is also incredibly dire. The only slightly impressive aspect of this endeavor is the creativity that went into its making.

Is this legal?

This auto rickshaw is 75% Maruti 800!

In general, these village creations, or almost any distinctive automobile creations in India, are illegal. Such vehicles should not and cannot be driven on the roads. If, unfortunately, an accident were to occur involving this creation, it could prove fatal for the driver and potentially cause significant harm to others or other vehicles. Typically, the transportation department of the Indian government denounces these types of modifications. So far, there’s no report on whether this Maruti 800 autorickshaw has been reported to the police authorities. However, if this video gains more traction and someone lodges a complaint, there’s a strong likelihood that it could be confiscated.

What other modifications are illegal in India?

Apart from highly fabricated modifications like these, a ton of other modifications are illegal in India. To name a few, let’s start with color changes. Despite seeming irrational, altering the color of a vehicle constitutes a serious offense in India, a car or any other vehicle cannot be wrapped or also repainted in a different shade. Additionally, any performance modifications made to a vehicle are also categorized as illegal and can result in the vehicle being seized in India. Furthermore, window tints, modified silencers, and exhaust systems are also modifications that can get people into trouble with the police and the Indian transportation department. Over the past few years, these regulations have become increasingly stringent, and reports of people getting caught violating them are surfacing regularly.