This auto with a cooler attached at its rear window is the coolest thing you’ll see today!

India, the land of diverse cultures and vibrant traditions, never fails to surprise us with its amusing and unconventional encounters. From unique street food to innovative modes of transportation, India’s quirkiness knows no bounds. In a recent viral video on Instagram, an Indian auto-rickshaw, commonly known as an “auto,” took center stage with a peculiar addition – a cooler attached to its rear. Let’s dive into this comical incident and reminisce about other extraordinary auto moments that have tickled our funny bones in the past.


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In the Instagram video shared by kabir_setia that had netizens laughing out loud, we witnessed an auto cruising down the streets with a cooler strategically placed at the back. Picture this: a sweltering summer day, commuters tired and sweaty, and suddenly, a three-wheeled savior appears with refreshment on wheels! It was an epic fusion of practicality and innovation, as passengers could enjoy the cool breeze while sipping on a refreshing beverage. This quirky auto definitely knows how to beat the heat and provide a memorable ride!

India has had its fair share of viral auto moments that left people amused, bemused, and wondering, “Where else in the world could this happen?” Let’s revisit a few unforgettable incidents that went viral in the past.

The “Dancing Auto Driver”

In a delightful video that captured the hearts of millions, an auto driver from Bhopal showcased his dance moves while pushing his auto in rain. With infectious energy and groovy tunes, he transformed the mundane waiting time into a lively street performance. This dancing sensation became an internet sensation overnight, spreading smiles and joy across the globe.

The “Auto with a Garden”

Imagine hailing an auto and being greeted by a vibrant floral paradise on wheels! In a charming incident, an auto driver in Delhi transformed the roof of his vehicle into a miniature garden, adorned with blooming flowers and lush plants. This whimsical touch not only made commuting a delightful experience but also promoted eco-consciousness and the importance of green spaces in urban environments.

The “Artistic Auto”

Autos in India are known for their vibrant decorations and eye-catching designs, but one auto driver from Mumbai took it to the next level. His auto became a canvas for his artistic expressions, showcasing intricate hand-painted motifs, dazzling colors, and mesmerizing patterns. Passengers who boarded this mobile masterpiece were transported to a world of art and creativity, leaving them in awe of the driver’s talent and dedication.

India’s auto-rickshaws have become the canvas of innovation, quirkiness, and humor. From the auto with a rear cooler to dancing auto drivers and artistic masterpieces on wheels, these incidents bring laughter and joy to our lives. They remind us that amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, there’s always room for a good laugh and a touch of creativity. So, the next time you spot an auto with a surprising twist or encounter an unforgettable auto moment, embrace it, cherish it, and share the laughter with others because these extraordinary encounters are what make life in India truly unique and memorable.

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