This beautifully modified HM Contessa is for sale: Interested?

Just like the Ambassador, Hindustan Motors’ Contessa was also a very popular sedan of its time. It was the only car that ever came close to an American muscle car in terms of looks. It is now a considered a classic car, and many car collectors in different parts of the country have one. Because of its resemblance with a muscle car, many have even modified it to look like Dodge Challenger. We have seen various examples of tastefully modified Contessas in the past and here we have another video that shows a beautifully modified 1989 HM Contessa.

The video has been uploaded by MODIFIED MACHAN on his youtube channel. The Contessa in the video as mentioned above is a 1989 model and has been completely modified. In comparison to many modified Contessas that we have seen in the past, this one looks close to the original car. No body kits or alteration have been done to the exterior of car. The car retains the original twin round headlamps, the front grille and bumper.

The whole car has been repainted and now gets an attractive red shade. On the side profile, the steel wheels that Contessa used to come with has been replaced with 16-inch alloys from a BMW. The rear of the car has also been neatly done with nothing different from the original version. On the inside however, things are a bit different. The owner of this car has redone the interiors and it looks better than before. The dashboard get a exposed metal frame which is painted in the same colour as the exteriors.

This beautifully modified HM Contessa is for sale: Interested?

The seats get a combination of red and black which goes well with the exteriors. The floor mats, door pads and even the padding on A, B an C pillars have been redone. The wiring on this car has also been redone and the AC vents have been redesigned and the whole dashboard and centre console gets a carbon fibre finish to it.

The engine on this Contessa is the same old 1995 cc, Inline 4 cylinder, OHC, Water cooled, Isuzu 4FC1 engine that produced a maximum power of 55 Bhp  and 107 Nm torque. The video also mentions that this car is currently available for sale and the asking price of this 1989 HM Contessa is Rs 3.2 lakh. The car is located in Kerala and interested buyers can directly contact the seller on +91 80892 22785.