This beautifully Restored Royal Enfield Explorer 50 is a blast from the past

Royal Enfield is the oldest motorcycle brand in the world that is still operating.Royal Enfields are known for their retro styled modern motorcycles and have a cult following around the world. Bullet was not the only motorcycle manufactured by Royal Enfield. It also had models like Fury, Explorer, RE Lightning, RE Silver Plus and so on. Here is one such retro motorcycle from the past the Royal Enfield Explorer which has been restored.

Royal Enfield Explorer 50 1

This example of the Royal Enfield has been restored beautifully. It belongs to R Deena Dayalan, who has a collection of many classic vehicles. It is given the iconic blue paint job which looks great on this motorcycle. According to Maxabout, the owner had purchased this motorcycle for Rs 10,000 and had spent around Rs 24,000 on the bike to make it look the way it is today.

The design of the Explorer 50 is quite unique. It features an old logo of the enfield on the fuel tank which is painted in blue shade with Explorer text written on it in white. unlike modern day Royal Enfields, RE Explorer 50 had a rectangular headlight setup. The suspension and the brake components on this have been completely restored. The rubber gator on the front suspension looks new as well. The speedometer on this bike was similar to the one seen on Yamaha RX100s and it also has an Enfield logo on it. The Royal Enfield Explorer came with alloy wheels as standard and the owner had maintained that as well.

Royal Enfield Explorer 50 3

Other details on the motorcycle include a raised handlebar, chrome luggage carrier, and extended rear fender with body-coloured panels. The front fender is finished in chrome like the original Enfield Explorer 50. The Royal Enfield Explorer was powered by a 50-cc engine and a 3-speed transmission. It had a small 2-stroke engine and had a top-speed of 60 kmph.

Royal Enfield Explorer 50 2

The Royal Enfield Explorer 50 was a rebadged bike from the Zundapp brand. It was only available for a brief period in 1980. In Germany, the bike was sold to the Mokick license holders that were meant for the 16-year olds.

Royal Enfield is known for its Classic, Thunderbird and Bullet range of motorcycles. Recently they had launched India’s most affordable twin cylinder motorcycle, the Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650. The Interceptor 650 starts at Rs. 2.37 lakhs while the Continental GT 650 starts from Rs. 2.49 lakhs, and these prices makes them the least priced twin cylinder engined motorcycles in India. Both motorcycles use a 647cc, parallel twin engine with 47 Bhp-52 Nm, a 6 speed manual gearbox with slipper clutch and dual channel ABS equipped disc brakes.